Awards for RSDA’s champions of 2011

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At the Annual General Meeting of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association awards were presented to members for the 15 Club Championships and the special trophies.

Most of the Club Championships were played as round robins. For the swimming each competitor had to swim 25m twice, 20 minutes apart, and try to get the same time. The competition is organised this way because members have so many different disabilities.

The Mary Clough Award, voted for by the disabled members, is awarded to a person showing promise in their sport. It deservedly went to archer Kevin Rumble.

The Jan Rosser Cup, won by 10-year-old Alexander Powers, is for Endeavour and the Jackie Cowtan Plate, for Happiness and Helpfulness, was given to 12-year-old James Smart.

The senior Godfrey Ingram trophy went to Graeme Mooney and junior James Smart. Senior female Superstars winner, in memory of Pat Ridgway, was Iris Bingham, who also won the wooden plate for overall winner.

Superstars senior male winner, in memory of Alvis Dence was Graeme Mooney and junior winner James Smart.

Awards were presented by Caroline Johnson - Sports and Recreation Manager at Rugby Borough Council, Margaret Cowtan and Bernard Purdy. The winners were:-

Archery: 1 Kevin Rumble, 2 Pam Jones, 3 James Smart.

Boccia: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 David Golder, 3 Mike Sheasby.

Bowls: 1 Mike Sheasby, 2 Lesley Hopins, 3 Graeme Mooney.

Cribbage: 1 Graeme Mooney, 2 Iris Bingham, 3 Stewart Morris.

Crossbow sport: 1 Hazel Duckett, 2 Graeme Moooney, 3 Mike Sheasby.

Crossbow tournament: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Robert Ledsham.

Darts: 1 Graeme Mooney, 2 Brian Kinzett, 3 Iris Bingham.

Dominoes: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 David Golder, 3 Stewart Morris.

Draughts: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Graeme Mooney, 3 David Golder.

Kurling: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 David Golder, 3 Graeme Mooney.

Othello: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 James Smart, 3 Graeme Mooney.

Pool: 1 Paul Smith, 2 Brian Kinzett, 3 Graeme Mooney.

Scrabble: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Pam Jones, 3 James Smart.

Swimming: 1 Robert Franklin, 2 Hazel Duckett, 3 Graeme Mooney.

Table tennis: 1 Graeme Mooney, Iris Bingham, 3 James Smart.