BADMINTON: Wins for Hunters

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Victory over Trinity and St Phillip’s

Trinity II 2 Hunters I 4

Trinity provided a warm welcome and after a swift warm up we were off. Hunter’s first pair Phil Pelton and Artur Male took the first set, while James Thornton and Ben Ho played three close ends, but ultimately lost.

Ben and James lost their second, putting the pressure on the first pair who by this time had started the third end. A mid game tactical change saw them clinch the match, bringing the score to 2-2.

Hunter’s proved too strong in the splits, taking both games

Saint Phillips I 1 Hunters I 5

Following a promotion to the first division, the Hunter’s first team faced strong opposition in their first match of the season. Despite scoring well, Hunter’s first pair of Athur Male and Phil Pelton were unable to win, but did pick up a hard fought consolation point against the second pair. Aseem Sharma and James Thornton put up a good showing, but were unable to bring home any points. At the split, Hunter’s were left needing both remaining matches to scrape a draw, but Saint Phillips proved too strong in both games. Looking forward to see if we can do any better in the rematch.