Bailey’s league record

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Eastlands Under-11s striker Bailey Coblenz has been recognised by his league for an outstanding achievement.

The young player recorded the remarkable feat of scoring in every single league and league cup game last season. This amounted to an amazing 37 goals, including four hat-tricks and the Coventry Minor League believe this a first for any of their leagues over their 41 seasons.

Steve Heighton who manages Bailey’s Eastlands team said: “This is a truly remarkable achievement. Lots of players can score a lot of goals against other teams but Bailey scored in every game against every team including all the better teams we played against.

“Even those who manmarked him couldn’t stop him. After one hat-trick he even went in goal and performed well there too! He is a tremendous young man and has carried on last season where he left off by scoring seven goals in a recent tournament to win it for Eastlands.”