BODYBULDING: First physique competition win

Gianni Brigginshaw
Gianni Brigginshaw

Gianni top in East of England Championships

Bodybuilder Gianni Brigginshaw is delighted to have won his first physique competition at the UKBFF East of England Championships last month. He topped the men’s physique class, earning an invitation to compete at the British finals in October. Gianni, 20, had to line up with nine other competitors from around the region and perform a series of compulsory poses.

The top three then had to compete against each other and show off their own posing routines on stage.

Gianni has been bodybuilding for two years, following four years training in martial arts.

He explained: “I do it because I like being able to make physical amd mental changes to my body through training and nutrition.

At school I was never the most confident or sporty kid but once I stepped foot in the gym my character really came out. The gym gave me confidence to be myself and doing bodybuilding shows alows me to showcase myself and show my confidence to the public.”

Gianni said his diet consists of lean meats like turkey or fish, lots of green vegetables, as well as controlled amounts of clean carbohydrate sources and healthy fats from nuts and meats.

“My training is very very intense,” he added. “I do cardio as soon as I wake up then weight training before I start work. I train at least 5 days a week and every session I aim to make more intense as to progress myself.”