BOWLS: Annual Christmas Challenge

The winning Outdoor rink
The winning Outdoor rink

By Jenny Corn

Warwickshire Women’s Outdoor and Indoor Bowling Associations came together for their annual Christmas challenge at Rugby Thornfield Indoor Club, and in spite of strong opposition, the Outdoor came off best, winning by 35 shots, 142-107.

The winning Indoor rink

The winning Indoor rink

The winning team for the Outdoor was headed by Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Lil Hawkins (Welford), Norma Willey (Three Spires) and Carol Norton, Immediate Past President (Stoke) who shared the match with Ruth Carey (Welford). They set off at a pace and were 15-3 up at 10 ends.

However, their opponents started a comeback and at 14 ends they were only 3 shots ahead with 15-12. But their determination paid dividends and they won the next 6 ends, finally finishing 29-13.

Pat Moore and Brenda Carlton (both Three Spires) with Helen Harris (Stoke) and Moira Parsons (Welford) were only one shot off the highest winning rink with a score of 29-14.

Janet Pooler, Di Wilkinson, Elaine Taylor (all Stoke) and Margaret Andrew (Entaco) went flying ahead with 8 shots on the 3rd and 4th end, only to be pulled back by the oppositions’ 7-shot win on the 5th end to bring them to 9-8.

However, the Outdoor team was not deterred and continued to pull away, eventually winning 29-19.

Sandra Smith and Ruth Phillips (both Bournville) with Anne Thomas and Barbara Harsant (both Solihull Municipal) had a harder game and were 0-8 at the 6th end.

However, 8 shots over the following 4 ends pulled them level at 10 and in spite of dropping a 6 on the 15th end they held on and finished with a winning score of 21-18.

The President, Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) with her team Jenny Corn (Lillington), Sigrid Thomas (also Rugby Thornfield) and Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) wasn’t so lucky and although they were ahead for most of the game, six-shot win for the Indoor President, Pat Schofield (Rugby Thornfield) and her team on the 20th end, left the Outdoor team finishing 14-18 down.

Jean Hagues (Rugby Town) with Margaret Grosvenor (Lillington), Mo Yeomans (Solihull Municipal) and Barbara Jeffrey (Entaco) struggled at the beginning and were 1-13 down at 7 ends, but a determined effort enabled them to pull back and on the 19th end they went ahead, but the opposition wasn’t going to give in and the Outdoor team eventually lost by 5 shots, 20-25.

As always the match was played in a friendly spirit and afterwards both teams enjoyed the opportunity to chat over a delicious meal.