BOWLS: by Harry Reynolds

Last results from 2011

As there was nothing doing on the bowls scene during the Christmas period it gives me space to report on matches that were played off before the festive season which, as I was indisposed at that time, I was unable to write about.

Thornfield’s Craig Carer qualified for the area semi-final of the national senior singles with a 21-8 home win over Avon Valley’s George Schwab. It was the Valley player who made the better start with four singles ends before Craig opened his account with four successive singles to level the scores at 4 all.

Schwab then picked up his second four end winning spell with singles to increase his advantage to 8-4 but that proved to be the end of his challenge for after Carter scored a 13th end treble he switched to very short jack lengths and won the following six ends with 1, 3, 3, 2, 1, 4 to wrap up a 12 shots victory. In the area semi-final the Thornfield star will be away to Tamworth’s Paul Maynard and it will be a case of Carter seeking revenge as Maynard became the only player to beat him this season when at Thornfield he won 21-16 in the champion of champions singles.

Warwickshire ladies staged their annual Indoor v. Outdoor match at Welford Indoor BC and it was the Indoor who came out on top by 130-89. Rink scores (Indoor names first) as follows:

Dorothy Manson, Mary Adams, Yvonne Bromfield and Chris Woolhead 30, Hazel Goodman, Lil Hawkins, Barbara Harsant and Liz Chedgzoy 10. The game was as good as over when after 13 ends the Woolhead team were 21-6 ahead and over the remaining eight exchanges they added one five and four singles – against one two and two singles - to return their side’s highest winning card.

Lilian Hope, Pat Quirke, Jean Petty and Di Green 30, Margaret Andrew, Ann Thomas, Di Thurlbeck and Moira Parsons 12. The Green rink’s final tally was made up of one five, two fours, one three, three twos and eight singles against the opposition’s six winning ends of two threes, two twos and two singles.

Ronnie Murphy, Marjorie Woodall, Janet Scott and Chris Grigg 20, Margaret Boldy, Carol Norton, Pat Bax and Maureen Edwards 15. With 18 ends of a nip and tuck tussle played Maureen and her partners were hanging in with a 15-13 lead after scoring one three, four twos and four singles and conceding one three, two twos and six singles. The game then ended dramatically in the Grigg quartet’s favour when they signed off with a five and two singles to nick a five shots win.

Margaret Kinder, Mal Eaton, June Terry and Maureen Tims 18, Chris Piper, Ann Doherty, Helen Harris and Ruth Carey 17. In a somewhat similar match to the one immediately above the Carey foursome were favourites when with 19 ends completed they were leading by a four shots margin of 17-13. The Carey rink’s expected win was not forthcoming, however, for their opposite numbers then weighed in with a penultimate end four – the highest score of the match – and a last end single to finish with a one shot win

Val McDermott, Shirley Tucker, Ruth Reason and Beth Richardson 17, Margaret Grosvenor, Terri Hitchcox, June Hands and Jacqui Cook 18. The scores were level at 7 all at ten ends and still all square at 16 across after 19. Jacqui and her colleagues registered a 20th end double to go 18-16 up and it gave them just enough shots in hand to stand dropping a last end single.

Gill Rees, Pat Schofield, Helen Goodman and Barbara Jeffrey 15, Di Wilkinson, Aileen Shuttleworth, Elaine Taylor and Janet Pooler 17. After scoring one six, three twos and four singles against three twos and nine sngles the Pooler team were 16-15 up at 20 ends before clinching victory with a last end single.

Warwickshire ladies will be bidding for a semi-final spot in the national Atherley Trophy inter-county championship when on Sunday they travel to the away venue of Sleaford Indoor BC to meet their Lincolnshire counterparts.

The county’s selected team is Bridie Ward, Di Thurlbeck, Chris Woolhead and Maureen Tims, Gill Rees, Angela Farrar, Gill Cliff and Chris Grigg, Marilyn Finney, Helen Slimm, Viv Hall and Joan Parfitt, Mary Entwistle, Yvonne Bromfield, Elaine Taylor and Maureen Edwards, Di Wilkinson, June Hands, Lisa Smith and Jacqui Cook, Margaret Andrew Christine Thompson, Janet Scott and Di Green.