BOWLS: Can Oakfield do the double over Rail in Friendship Cup?

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By Keith Oakes

Are Rugby Rail able avoid the ‘double win’by Oakfield? Can Thornfield get maximum points from their last two games?

Week 10 will see Oakfield travel to Rugby Rail to play what could be a double win for Oakfield and the only team, not only to beat the Rail once, but twice.

Rail kept up their winning run last week with a convincing win over Rugby Club, 3 rinks to 1 rink, 82 shots to 69 shots and 12 points to 2 respectively, so a home win this week, tonight (Thursday), will give them the title.

A close game against Oakfield will ensue I am sure, but Rail need at least 8 points from this, their last game, otherwise it will depend on the results from the other team’s games and outstanding games next week.

At home in week 9, Oakfield won 3 rinks to 1 rink in their encounter with the Grange and by 70 shots to 59, gaining 12 points to 2 points which may give them a boost for playing the Rail.

Thornfield took all the points from the home side at Bilton, 14 points to nil and 88 shots to 45 shots to give them an outside chance at the title if the Rail fail in their last game.

Thornfield have their rearranged game to play against the Grange next week so things could be far from over.