BOWLS: County ladies

The highest winning rink, Helen Slimm, Patsy Tandy, Janet Scott and Di Green
The highest winning rink, Helen Slimm, Patsy Tandy, Janet Scott and Di Green

Victory in Johns Trophy

Johns Trophy Win for Warwickshire Ladies

Warwickshire set out their stall in the opening Johns Trophy match against Herefordshire on Saturday with a 130-93 win giving them the maximum 22 points.

The highest winning rink was claimed by Janet Scott with Di Green (both Sherwood Park), Patsy Tandy (Southam) and Helen Slimm (Wellesbourne) with a 29-18 win.

Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Di Medhurst (Stoke), Gill Maund (Sherwood Park) and Di Thurlbeck (Lillington) set off slowly but 5 shots on the 10th end helped them to pull ahead and whilst they were level pegging most of the way another 5 shots on the last end ensured a 23-15 win.

Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) with Kirsty Richards (Bournville), Pat Bax (Rugby Ladies) and Trish Jarvis (Wolvey) were close behind with a 22-14 win.

Moira Parsons with Ann Webb (both Welford), Di Wilkinson (Stoke) and Pat Moore (3 Spires) started slowly but 5 shots on the 6th end gave them a boost and they managed to pull ahead to a 21-17 win.

Jenny Corn with Jacqui Cook (both Lillington), Brenda Carlton (3 Spires) and Elaine Taylor (Stoke) kept the pressure on their opponents and were 8-3 up on the 10th end, but a 5 shot loss on the 14th end brought them level – however the team was not to be beaten and took 7 shots over the 18th and 19th ends to enable them to finish 18-15.

Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas and Jamie-Lea Winch (all Rugby Thornfield), and Helen Harris (Stoke) were well down for the first half of the game lying 5-13 at 13 ends but sheer determination together with a 4 shot win on the 15th end enabled them to pull back and they eventually finished with a 17-14 win.

County President, Maureen Edwards, was delighted to present Johns Flashes to three of her team – Patsy Tandy, Helen Slimm and Pat Bax.