BOWLS: County ladies

Bears and Dragons!
Bears and Dragons!

Bears v Dragons

By Jenny Corn

Always a friendly event the annual match against the Welsh County, Pen-Y-Glyn, was this year hosted by Avenue Coventry Bowling Club and resulted in another success for Warwickshire as they beat the visitors by 28 shots – 118-90.

Highest winning rink was skipped by Elaine Taylor with Helen Harris (both Stoke), Wendy Baxter (LMRCA) and Norma Willey (Three Spires) who were level pegging at 5 ends 4 all but then set off at a pace to be 14-5 at 10 ends and 20-7 at 15, eventually finishing 26-9.

Pat Bax (Rugby Ladies) with Dorothy Manson (Wellesbourne), Pat Lowe (Rugby Thornfield) and June Millward (Three Spires) started well and were 6-1 up at 5 ends, but their opponents took 6 shots over the next three ends to bring them level and it was only a determined effort that helped them to pull ahead and eventually win 19-11.

County President, Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas and Christine Harding (all Rugby Thornfield) and Lilian Hawkins (Welford) also started well and were 8-1 up at 5 ends, and even the best efforts of their opponents weren’t going to get the better of them and their final score was 24-17.

Liz Chedgzoy with Linda Linney (both Stratford), Carol Norton (Stoke) and Barbara Jeffrey (Entaco) started slowly struggling to keep up with their opponents until the 11th end when they picked up 4 shots to bring them nearly level, and then dug their heels in to hold their own and finish 18-13.

Pat Moore with June Austin (both Three Spires) with Margaret Andrew (Entaco), and June Hands (Ilmington) weren’t so fortunate and although they were virtually level at the 13th end their opponents weren’t prepared to give in and held on to their slim lead with an end result of 13-17.

Jenny Corn with Ann Doherty and Chris Ward (all Lillington), and Di Medhurst (Stoke) were effectively beaten by the opposition’s number 3 who, at 78, managed to save the shot nearly every end and it was only a determined effort by the home team that ensured they didn’t go down more heavily than 18-23.