BOWLS: Friendship Cup runners-up decided in final week’s matches

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Len Taylor Triples takes place this Sunday

Thornfield succeeded in securing the runner-up position behind the champions, Rugby Railway, in one of the rearranged final matches of the season.

Thornfield needed just to win at the Grange, and so they did by scoring 77 shots on 2 rinks to the Grange’s 64 shots giving them 10 points to 4 points.

Rugby Club were relying on a Grange win over Thornfield and a ‘big’ points win over Oakfield, to give them any chance of runner-up spot, but they could only achieve a match draw, this being the only one of the season. Everything in this match came out evenly at 2 rinks, 63 shots and 7 points each.

To summarise, over the last 11 weeks Rail had a clear margin game by game but only a 6 points difference over Thornfield at the half way stage. There were two games where Thornfield only gained 4 points while Rail were still collecting double figures. Rugby Club dropped too many shots to keep in the reckoning, Grange started the first two games well but then fell by the way side until week 10. Oakfield kept battling on from a poor start to overtake Bilton and at one stage were in front of the Grange on points but dropped back to finish on equal terms. Unfortunately, someone had to finish the season holding everyone up in the league so Bilton have the honour on this occasion.

Final placings: Rail 107 points, Thornfield 85, Rugby Club 74, Oakfield 53 (on shot difference) and Grange 53 (scored more shots but also conceded more) and Bilton with 48 points.

A full list of league results and position should be pinned on each club’s notice boards in due course by the secretary or delegate.

The Len Taylor Triples takes place this Sunday (August 20).