BOWLS: Friendship Cup table getting closer each week

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Halfway stage in the RBA tournament

The Grange BC encountered their first defeat in the RBA Friendship Cup leading up to the halfway stage, while Oakfield and Thornfield recorded their second and third wins respectively.

Bilton at home dominated two rinks to amass 89 shots (10 points) to Grange’s 52 shots (4 points).

Rugby Club travelled to Thornfield for their match and although the shot tally was a lot closer, it was Thornfield who triumphed on three rinks ending up with 81 shots (12 points) to Rugby’s 72 shots (2 points).

Rugby Railway were going for their fifth win in a row but a rampant Oakfield put a stop to their run. With both teams winning two rinks each, it came down to the shots scored on each rink, so with the home side gaining 78 to 62 shots, the points were 10 points to Oakfield and 4 points to Rail.

The table scores are increasingly coming closer to each other by the week, but Rugby Rail still lead with 51 Points, Thornfield 45, Bilton 30, Rugby Club 29, Grange 28 and Oakfield with 27 points, so as you can see everything can and possibly will change in the second half.