BOWLS: Grange finals day results

First for sport
First for sport

Club competition champions decided

The Grange competition results for 2016 saw Heather Mills with her name on all the ladies’ trophies, while Phil Bale won both the men’s championship and two wood.

The full set of final results were:

Men’s Pairs: winners Darren Wheeler & Brian Mace-Humphries 26, runners-up Doug Anderson & Richard Carter 12.

Men’s Two Wood: winner Phil Bale 13, runner-up Dave Knee 10.

Men’s Handicap: winner Bob Page 21, runner-up Frank Gibbs 19.

Men’s Championship: winner Phil Bale 21, runner-up Brian Mace -Humphries 10. Frank Gibbs Trophy: winner Tom Wheeler 21, runner-up Richard Carter 16.

Mixed Pairs: winners Liz Page & Tom Wheeler 16, runners-up Ann Anderson & Brian Mace-Humphries 15.

Ladies’ Pairs: winners Janet Miller & Heather Mills 26, runners-up Liz Page & Shirley Waring 11.

Ladies’ Two Wood: winner Heather Mills 16, runner-up Erika Frankland 11.

Ladies’ Handicap: winner Heather Mills 21, runner-up Christine Oliver 19.

Ladies Championship: winner Heather Mills 21, runner-up Janet Miller 16.