BOWLS: Heart-warming charity gala at Thornfield

The gala winners
The gala winners

Win for Ladies in Red and Bob


British Heart Foundation Gala 2015

Thornfield’s green carpet was swept with a sea of red as 14 teams took part in the gala raising funds for the British Heart Foundation.

After the first round of games were completed Bad Pennies led the way on seven points but five teams trailed just one point behind; Ladies in Red and Bob, Odd Fellows, Tommy and the Pacemakers, Chelsea and Red Bloomers. Half time saw Ladies in Red and Bob take a one shot lead over Odd Fellows and Tommy and the Pacemakers. Misfits and Bad Pennies were fourth and fifth respectively.

Refreshed by the break Ladies in Red and Bob doubled their lead over second place Tommy and the Pacemakers. Third place was shared between The Redliners and Odd Fellows, while Red Bloomers completed the top five. With the last woods bowled Ladies in Red and Bob (Mandy Dahlgren, Sue Henderson, Pat Dahlgren and Bob Henderson) held onto first place, two points clear of The Redliners, who in turn were two clear of third place Red Bloomers. Joint fourth were The Mayans and Tommy and the Pacemakers, with Odd Fellows and Hope in our Heart in joint sixth.

The random draw lucky loser prize went to Sue Smith, Jean Reddington, Steve Smith and Pete Reddington, while the wooden spoon went to Joy Jones, Jim Cook, George Atwell and Jim Moss.

The next gala is on Sunday 1st March at 2pm and will be in aid of Arthritis Care