BOWLS: Indoors v outdoors

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County president’s fixture

Bowls by Alan Jackson

Warwickshire County BA President Graham O’Donohue got his presidential fixtures off to a good start with a tense late win over Warwickshire County Indoor BA in the indoors leg of the Bob Taylor Memorial Shield. Ironically last season as the Indoor President O’Donohue inflicted a large defeat on the Outdoor County.

Rink 1 consisting of Pete Lewis, Dennis Wilkinson, Chris Gitsham and Boris Boulstridge were leading 5–3 at 5 ends and after 10 ends found themselves to be 18–11 down courtesy of dropping a seven on the 6th end. After 15 ends they were 24 – 16 down but rallied strongly in the last six ends with only one shot against scoring seven in reply. Final score 23–25.

Rink 2 consisting of Clem Edwards, Terry Castle, Tom Bridgewater, Aubrey Brookhouse: After 2 ends they found themselves seven nil down and after 5 ends pulled it back to seven shots against five.

After 10 ends they had turned the game around leading 14 shots to ten. After 15 ends they had increased their lead to 19 -12 and by the end completed the turn around to win 24-16 and gained the highest winning rink.

Rink 3 The Presidents rink Graham O’Donohue, Bill Brown, John Boulstridge, Greg Sampson: After 5 ends the indoor were leading 3-2 and at 10 ends they had increased their lead to 8-4 however the next five ends the outdoors scored 7 points to1 to lead 11-9. In the last six ends the outdoors continued to improve and got a winning margin of 18-14.

Rink 4 Pete Smith, Bob Morris, Derek Tandy, Billy Black: At 5 ends the indoor were leading 7-4 and after 10 ends the score was 12-7 against however the next 5 ends belonged to the outdoors with them winning six ends to nil making the score at 15 ends 13 to the outdoors and 12 against. The outdoors held the lead to the 18th end but unfortunately dropped two fours in the last three ends to lose the game 21-17.

Rink 6 Gordon Gregor, Len Falconbridge, Eric Tebbutt, Bill Blakemore: After 5 ends the game was equal with 3 points each however in the next 5 ends the outdoors only scored 2 points on one end and losing 8 making the score 11-5 against at ten ends. After 15 ends the score was 11 for and 16 against, the outdoors rallied in the last six ends to narrowly lose the game by 18 shots to 21.

Rink 5 the Senior Vice Presidents rink Mike Gooding, John Slater, George Palmer, Brian Mace-Humphries S.V.P: They were drawn against their fellow bowlers from Rugby! And what a ding dong battle they had with local pride at stake. After 5 ends the outdoor were down by one shot with the score being 3-4 after 10 ends the indoor had increased their lead to two shots leading 10– 8; after 15 ends they had increased their lead to 3 shots 15-12 at this point in the game as a whole the overall score was very close with sides being equal three times it came down to the last two ends first of all the outdoor side scored three shots to make the game equal at 117 each and sealed the overall victory by scoring two shots on the last end making it 19 shots for and 20 against but giving the outdoors an overall victory of 119 to 117.