BOWLS: Ladies reach regional final

Johns Trophy action
Johns Trophy action

Johns Trophy and Middle England League - reports by Jenny Corn

Warwickshire Ladies Through to Second Regional Final

Warwickshire’s Johns Trophy match against Dorset was never going to be easy with both teams needing to win in order to reach the Regional Final, but this time it was the Bears who won through finishing with four winning rinks to give them 18 points to 4 and a score of 114-103. So the Regional Final against Devon beckons and will be played on a neutral green on Saturday, July 12.

Highest winning rink went to Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) with Kirsty Richards (Bournville), Pat Bax (Rugby Town) and Trish Jarvis (Wolvey) who romped ahead leading 10-1 at 5 ends and although their opposition started to pull back they held it together and eventually finished with a resounding 30-12.

Moira Parsons (Welford) with Margaret Grosvenor (Lillington), Di Wilkinson (Stoke) and Pat Moore (Three Spires) also set off at a pace and were up 15-2 up at 9 ends. 3 shots for their opponents on the 10th end slowed them slightly but not enough to stop them winning 25-13.

Jenny Corn with Jacqui Cook (both Lillington), Brenda Carlton (Three Spires) and Elaine Taylor (Stoke) started slowly, struggled to stay in touch and were 5 shots down at the 10th end, but 4 shots on the 14th brought them back into the game and they dug their heels in and continued to score well eventually finishing 23-16.

Janet Scott with Di Green (both Sherwood Park), Patsy Tandy (Southam) and Helen Slimm (Wellesbourne) also struggled at the start and were 5-11 down at 8 ends, but a 6 shot win on the 9th drew them level and gave them the encouragement they needed to carry on and win 24-21.

Maureen Edwards with Jamie-Lea Winch and Sigrid Thomas (all Rugby Thornfield) and Helen Harris (Stoke) weren’t so fortunate and although they picked up quite a few shots towards the end of the game their score didn’t reflect their determination as they finished 15-19.

Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Di Medhurst (Stoke), Gill Maund (Sherwood Park) and Di Thurlbeck (Lillington) were certainly up against it and were 0-21 down at 7 ends, but the tide was to change and although they weren’t to win they did managed to pull back to finish 19-33.

The match was played in a good spirit, helped by the host Club, Chippenham Town, whose members went out of their way to make the teams welcome and provided an excellent meal.

Warwickshire Ladies Retain MEL Lead

Warwickshire Ladies retained their lead in the Middle England League by beating Gloucestershire at Welford BC 116-93 giving them 13 points to 4.

Highest winning rink was Janet Scott with Di Green (both Sherwood Park), Ann Webb (Welford) and Jean Petty (Norgren) who raced away at the start and although their opponents tried to keep them at bay the home team were determined and finished 31-16.

Elaine Taylor, Di Wilkinson and Aleen Shuttleworth (all Stoke) with Margaret Andrew (Entaco) were 7-0 up at 5 ends and although their opponents put on a concerted effort they were no match for the home team who finished 23-14 ahead.

Jenny Corn with Jacqui Cook (both Lillington), Brenda Carlton (Three Spires) and Liz Westell (Welford) were level pegging 4 all at 5 ends but managed to pull away over the next few ends and were leading 18-12 at 16 ends, eventually finishing 21-15.

Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) with Karen Rice (Entaco), Wendy Holloway (Welford) and Trish Jarvis (Wolvey) soon settled down and were 12-6 up at 9 ends but a loss of 7 shots on the 10th end put them under pressure and it was only a 4 shot win on the 13 which pulled them level. They continued to show their determination by taking 10 shots over the next 4 ends which enabled them to win 27-23.

Pat Moore (Three Spires) with Hazel Goodman (Lillington), June Hands (Ilmington) and Ruth Phillips (Bournville) started well but the opposition proved too strong leaving them trailing 14-25.

Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas (both Rugby Thornfield), Helen Harris (Stoke) and Margaret Waterhouse (Wellesbourne) had a similar fate and were 1-7 down at 5 ends. Their determination pulled a few shots back but the opposition was not going to let go and the final score was 13-28.

So now it’s a waiting game to see if any of the other counties can catch Warwickshire who are well in front with 75 points with all games played.