BOWLS: RBA finals and Guide Dogs Gala

Winners the Half Empty Glasses
Winners the Half Empty Glasses

Teams raise over £700 for charity

RBA finals

RBA Finals held at The Grange on September 15:

Tony Dean Memorial Trophy: H Wilkins (Oakfield) 23 v I Gibbs (Thornfield) 13.

Ralph Robins Memorial Trophy: R Pope (Bilton) 13 v T Wells (Rugby) 21.

Dick Avery Cup: M Winn (Oakfield) 19 v B Mace-Humphries (Grange) 21.

Coronation Cup: T Mosteckyj (Oakfield) 14 v P Bale (Grange) 24.

Britannia Plate: S Fuller (LMRCA) 22 v C Mace-Humphries (Grange) 12.

Thornfield Indoor BC

Rugby Thornfield Indoor kicked off their season with a gala in aid of the Guide Dogs. Sixteen teams took to the carpet, each playing four times. Since the aim of the day was fundraising, there was a fine system in place for touchers and bowls finishing off the green, soon there were plenty of cries of ‘20p’ in the air, though not many for touchers.

After the first round of matches the early leaders were Bramo (9pts, 16 shots) and Scooby Doo (9pts, 12 shots) with Half Empty Glasses leading the group of five teams on 7 points. Spongebob & the Dogs burst from the pack after the second round to take the lead on 15 points with Bramo (23 shots), Mutley’s Crew (16 shots) and Help! (13 shots) all following on 13 points.

When battle recommenced after the half-time break five teams led the field with 19 points; Half Empty Glasses (33 shots), Spongebob & the Dogs (28 shots), Dogs Botox (24 shots), Mutley’s Crew (24 shots) and Scooby Doo (21 shots). Round four saw two of the lead pack fall away to leave three teams tied on 26 points, so it all came down to total shots to determine the 2013 winners. 41 shots gave Half Empty Glasses the title, Spongebob & the Dogs came second with 37 shots and Scooby Doo finished third with 26 shots. The winning players were Mandy Dahlgren, Lesley Howes, Pat Dahlgren and Graham Howes.

During the half-time break a charity auction was held for drinks packs that were generously donated by Britvic, who also gave £250 to the cause. A cake stand, raffle and of course the fines helped raise a little over £700. For more details on the Guide Dogs visit