BOWLS: Round-up by Jenny Corn

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Top Club county final between Southam and Wolvey

Warwickshire Ladies Top Club Final between Southam and Wolvey Bowling Clubs will take place at Sherwood Park Bowling Club, Brockhurst Drive, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 0YD on Sunday, September 1 at 2pm. All Welcome, so come along and enjoy what promises to be a very competitive final.

Solihull Municipal Welcome Warwickshire President

The Muni started well, taking advantage of their home green knowledge, to lead by 28 shots to 20 after seven ends. The County Ladies President, Carol Norton, called her team forwards into power play and the game turned emphatically in Warwickshire’s favour. The WWBA took an amazing 39 shots in the middle third, to lead by 59 shots to 42. The Muni rallied well in the final third to take 31 shots, but the County again upped their game to clinch victory by three rinks to two and 100 shots to 73. A great afternoon’s bowling had been enjoyed by all, especially the very appreciative crowd.

On Rink 2 the hosts Clive Burbage skipped Jeannette Douglas, Barbara Harsant and John Hanmore to a 19-16 victory over Maureen Edwards, Bill Simpson, Yvonne and Tony Bromfield, while on rink 3 the Lillington four of Jenny Corn, John Buggins, Chris Richards and Mike Cox crushed the Muni’s Brian Trindle, Mo Yeomans, Brian Nock and Janet Tricklebank by 21 shots to 8.

County President, Carol Norton and Muni Chairman Geoff Wyatt were evenly matched all through their game on rink 4, but Carol with Ann Doherty, Graham and Helen Harris went into the penultimate end with a two shots lead. Muni’s lead Robert Wilson claimed the first shot, to be followed by George Carmichael and Pauline Trindle and Geoff closed off the end for four shots and a two shot lead. The County would not give in and took the shot on the final end, but the Muni won by 18 shots to 17.

Rink 5 saw a match of three contrasting thirds. Muni’s Joy Cooke, skipped Anne Thomas, Bryan Jones and Nigel Walker to take a 9-1 lead after seven ends, but once County skip Liz Chedgzoy and husband Ken were able to marry line and weight, the tables turned full circle and with Jan and Pete Bryan they took a 14-10 lead at fourteen ends. The final third was very even with Joy’s team winning most ends but Liz won the day 20-15, thanks mainly to a four on the 19th end.

Elaine Taylor skipped Di Medhurst, Janet Pooler and Aleen Shuttleworth to a convincing 26-13 win for Warwickshire, on Rink 6, over Solihull’s Grahame Spiby, John Herbert, Christine Piper and Tony Burdett, to seal their 3 Rinks to 2 Victory.

Bedfordshire game

After a disappointing week which saw Warwickshire losing to Gloucestershire their spirits were lifted when they beat Bedfordshire at Wolvey in the final match of the series with a convincing 129-84 result giving the home team 13 points to 4.

The highest winning rink prize went to Maureen Tims (Whitnash) and her team Janet Greenwell and Trish Jarvis (both Wolvey) and Jean Petty (Norgren) who sailed through to win 26-6. Close behind were Elaine Taylor with Aleen Shuttleworth (both Wolvey), Janet Pooler and President Carol Norton (both Stoke) with 26-10 and Moira Parsons (Welford) with Helen Harris (Stoke), Gill Maund (Sherwood Park) and Di Thurlbeck (Lillington) who won 29-12. Liz Chedgzoy with Lynne Innes (both Stratford), Wendy Holloway and Liz Westell (both Welford) were level pegging most of the way before eventually coming out on top 20-18.

Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) with Chris Ward (Lillington), Mo Yeomans (Solihull Municipal) and Pat Bax (Rugby Ladies) were not so successful losing 14-20 and Janet Scott with Di Green (both Sherwood Park), Di Wilkinson (Stoke) and Ann Doherty (Lilllington) had a similar fate eventually finishing 14-18.