BOWLS: Rugby Rail ahead after latest round of RBA Friendship Cup

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Leaders make it four wins from four

Rugby Rail are forging ahead with another win as Oakfield and Thornfield start to pull back in the RBA Friendship Cup.

Week 4 has turned out to be a little different as Oakfield picked up their first win and 12 points (with 72 shots) from the Grange 2 points (and 64 shots) who are still recovering it seems from their Week 3 defeat by the Rail.

Thornfield go into second place in the table for the time being by winning their second game and gaining 12 points (84 shots) from their game with Bilton 2 points (60 shots).

Rugby Rail 12 points (72 shots) played at Rugby Club, who earned 2 points (59 shots), to keep up their win tally of four from four and now currently have 47 fixture points.