BOWLS: Win for Warwickshire ladies

Highest winning rink at Ambleside - Brenda Carlton, Jenny Corn, Chris Cooke, Joan Hall
Highest winning rink at Ambleside - Brenda Carlton, Jenny Corn, Chris Cooke, Joan Hall

By Jenny Corns

After a week of disappointments the sun finally came out for Warwickshire Ladies as they met Derbyshire at Ambleside and won 122-104.

Highest winning rink went to Jenny Corn (Lillington) with Brenda Carlton (Three Spires), Chris Cooke (Southam) and Joan Hall (Nuneaton) who started slowly but having got to grips with the green and the sunny but extremely windy conditions they started to pull ahead eventually winning 27-12.

Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas, Yvonne Bromfield (all Rugby Thornfield) and Pat Harvey (Lillington) were 9-2 down at 5 ends but 7 shots on the 13th put them ahead 21-13 and they carried it through to win 27-18.

Trish Jarvis (Wolvey) with Jean Veart (Three Spires), Hazel Goodman and Chris Ward (both Lillington) were level pegging for the first half of the match but 4 shots on the 15th end followed by 3 on the 20th kept them ahead 17-13.

Sue Hornsby (Lillington) with Janet Greenwell (Wolvey), Pat Moore (Three Spires) and Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) started well and were 9-1 up at 7 ends but a 3,2,1 on the next three ends from their opponents pulled them almost level before the home team managed to retaliate finishing 17-15.

Liz Chedgzoy (Stratford) with Antoinette Lambert (Ambleside),Terri Hitchcox (Rugby Ladies) and Liz Westell (Wolvey) kept their opponents at bay for most of the match and with 4 shots on the 18th end pulled ahead 19-18 but the opposition were determined and took back 5 shots on the next end leaving the home team adrift by 2 shots – 20-22.

Elaine Taylor with Di Wilkinson, Helen Harris (all Stoke) and Chris Harrison (Ambleside) weren’t so fortunate and although they fought hard and picked up some good scores in the first half of the game the opposition was out to win and eventually did leaving the home team down 14-21.

After a delicious tea, County President, Chris Richards (Lillington), had the pleasure of awarding a County Blazer Badge to Jean Veart (Nuneaton).

Warwickshire v Gloucestershire

The sun came out to cheer along the match at Cheltenham Spa when the County played Gloucestershire in their annual mixed match. However the sun wasn’t always shining on Warwickshire as they were one shot adrift at the finish – 101-102, but at least it was a happy occasion and the cottage pie was a real treat.

Highest winning rink went to Jenny Corn with Pat Harvey (both Lillington), Ray Morgan (Bilton) and Dick Allibon (RLS) who were level pegging 3 all at 5 ends but then stormed away leaving their opponents trailing 8-18 at 15 ends and finishing with a 31-11 win.

The only other winning rink was skipped by Dave Cooke (Southam) with Di Wilkinson (Stoke), Brian Lindley (Bilton) and Gloria Higgins (RLS) who were fairly evenly matched for the first half of the game and were 8 all at 10 ends when they started to pull ahead and, despite a determined effort by their opponents in the last 5 ends of the match, managed to hold their own eventually winning 18-17.

Elaine Taylor (Stoke) with Christine Harding (Rugby Thornfield), Mick Foster (Highway) and Peter Storer (Grange) started slowly and were 8-10 down at 10 ends, but 6 shots on the 12th end helped to turn the tables and they went into the lead at 15 ends, but their opponents were not going to concede and eventually won 19-18.

Aubrey Brookhouse (Norgren) with Graham Clark (Highway), Ann Doherty (Lillington) and Joan Hall (Nuneaton) were fairly evenly matched for most of the game and it was only 5 shots dropped over the 19th and 20th ends that spoiled the afternoon for them and resulted in them losing 11-16.

The County Presidents, Christine Richards (Lillington) and Brian Mace-Humphries (Grange), with Dave Harrison (Bilton) and Liz Westell (Welford) struggled to get going and were 3-9 down at 10 ends, but a couple of 3 shot ends helped to retrieve the situation and they finished 12-18 down.

Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) with John Slater (Bilton), Barbara Harsant (Solihull Municipal) and Dick Williams (RLS) fought hard but eventually finished 11-21.

Worcestershire Show Strength at Walker Cup

An enthusiastic Warwickshire team set out to prove their worth against a strong Worcestershire side at Hewell Bowling Club, but it was not to be and the home team went away with a resounding success.

Janet Scott with Di Green (both Sherwood Park), Margaret Grosvenor and Jenny Corn (both Lillington) struggled from the beginning and were 1-10 and 5-16 down at 5 and 10 ends respectively, but determination enabled them to pull back and they closed the gap to 13-17 on the 15th end finally losing by just 3 shots – 17-20.

Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) with Kirsty Richards (Bournville), Elaine Taylor (Stoke) and Maureen Tims (Whitnash) were fairly evenly matched with their opponents to start but 5 shots on the 7th end enabled them to pull ahead 9-7 and although they held their own for most of the way and were 15 all at 15 ends, they weren’t able to hold the Worcestershire team over the last few ends eventually finishing 17-23.

The only highlight of the day for the President was when she presented a Walker Flash to Dianne Green for representing her county in this competition on three occasions.