BRIDGE: News from Rugby and Village Bridge Clubs

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Round-up of the week’s results

Rugby Bridge Club

In competition between 19 pairs at last Tuesday’s duplicate session, Liz Edwards & Rita Lord finished top with 64.4%, ahead by some margin of Graham Clarke & Richard Holland with 59.6% and Debbie Welch & Peter Baines with 58.6%.

Reaping the rewards of perseverance, Malcolm & Sheila Taylor topped Thursday’s field of eighteen pairs with a score of 65.1%, a substantial margin again, over Roger Ward & Freddie Foster on 58.9% and Ken Fernie & Keith Langley on 58.1%.

From a field of ten pairs on Friday, Ron Finch & Terry Bradbury notched up 60.2%, ahead of Stuart Warne & Theresa Hillier with 57.9% and Chris Malthouse & David Owen with 55.6%.

These uninspiring hands from Thursday led 6/9 North-South pairs to a contract of 2NT and just 2/9 pairs to 3NT.

North S: A J 7 5; H: 9 6;

D: A 8 6 5 4; C: K 2

South S: K 8 6; H: A J 8 3

D: 10 9 3; C: A 9 4

With 22 of a slender total of 24 high-card points tied up in four aces and two kings, declarer struggles to find nine tricks. But there is just sufficient control elsewhere to allow declarer to force DJ and DQ, then fell DK with DA and establish an essential two further D tricks. The rewards of perseverance.

In a nifty piece of giant-slaying on Wednesday, a team of twelve from Rugby beat their Coventry opponents by 182 golden eggs to 138.

There are many contenders at this stage in the August master-points competition, with LIz Edwards and Stuart Warne both on 81, and Patti Jarvis, Roger Ward and Graham Lightfoot all on 78.

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Rugby Village

Bridge Club

Monday Evening was a night for ‘interesting’ boards.

Nine full tables played 24 boards in an eight round Mitchell with arrow switch.

Many slams were bid, four were made; two on each of two different boards.

Board 22 stubbornly made 11 tricks in spades whether you bid 4S, 5S or 6S. Board 23 made 7, 8 or 11 tricks in 3NT!

Coming out of it all on top were Malcolm Melrose & Maxwell Kynoch with an impressive 72.67% against a strong field.

Clare & Marion Dixon were second with 65.18%, a winning score on most days!

Third were Chris Cooper & Sue Robards with 60.71%; fourth Pam Southern & Ken Fernie with 57.74%; and fifth Nicky & Jim Bainbridge on 57.14%.

On Tuesday of last week, six and a half tables played a two winner movement.

Top of the North / South side were Caelia Pinkney & Ron Woolgar with 64.44%; followed by Lynne Bemand & Pauline Smith with 57.78%.

East / West were led by Angela Hobbs & Margaret Sedgley with 61.90% followed by Brian & Pat Jacks with 57.14%.