BRIDGE: News from Rugby and Village clubs

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Try the challenge played by Rugby pairs


Scoring at duplicate bridge punishes the timorous and the reckless alike, either for gambling too little or too much. On this deal from last Tuesday, after South, West and North have passed, East is under pressure to show partner the strength of this powerful hand. A modest contribution from partner would be enough to reach a game contract in 3NT or 4H, but such an opportunity may be lost if East opens 1H.

North S: A K 5 4; H: 6 2

D: A 10 5 2; C: 9 4 3

South S: J 8 7 2; H: K 7 4

D: J 9 8 3; C: J 5

West S: 10 9 6; H: 9 8 3

D: 7 6 4; C: Q 10 8 2

East S: Q 3; H: A Q J 10 5

D: K Q; C: A K 7 6

The point count favours an artificial bid of 2C, converting to 2H after a negative response of 2D from West - but to some that would promise eight playing tricks, which East does not have. So is the alternative opening of 2NT a better bet?

Almost all EW pairs bid and made low level H contracts. The one East to open 2NT was greeted by a salvo of four S tricks, a switch to Ds and, after South made HK, a second salvo of D tricks - finishing three down. That this fate can befall one of the best players in the club gives hope to us all.

Beating the bookies last week were: on Tuesday, Sue Osborne & Wendy Pattinson with 63.9%; on Wednesday, Clive Toll & Chris Malthouse with 66.7%; on Thursday, Chris Rowles & David Heron with 64.6%; and on Friday, Val Wormleighton & John Drake with 67.7%.

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On Monday nine pairs played at the Dunchurch Village Hall. Top were Peter & Vera Iredale with 65.08%; second were Ken Fernie & Pam Southern with 60.32%. Peter Greenfield & Glenys Barton came third with 53.97% and fourth were David Reed & Wendy Crees on 53.17%.

On Tuesday afternoon of last week, nine pairs played. Janet O’Connor & Pauline Batchelor led with a decisive 75.56% followed by Sue Robards & Cynthia Martin with 53.33%. In third place were Nicky Bainbridge & Elisabeth Davies on 51.11%. Fourth place was shared by Audrey & Ivan Upton and Zena Hutchinson & Val Richards each with 49.07%.

The fourth super Thursday saw the new pairing of John Chard & Alan Page win with 57.14%. Three pairs: Peter & Vera Iredale, Cynthia Martin & Janet Stuchbury and Daphne Rourke & Susan Mendes shared second place with 47.62%.

John and Sue Robards remain at the top of the rankings for the champagne handicap competition, but Peter and Vera Iredale have played in all four events to date. The Iredales also have a very respectable average in the upper 50% bracket. You have to play in at least five events to qualify, but there are eleven sessions to go, so it’s all to play for. Next super Thursday is December 13.

In the Rugby and District League, the Village Maids’ results are steadily improving and we look forward to a draw at least by the end of the season. They are above the Rugby IMPs in the Division 2 table. The Village Blues are through to the semi final of the Open Cup and are lying second in the Division 1 table.

In the Coventry League, the club team is lying third in Division 3. We are out of the Open and Howard Dennett cups, but made it through to the second round of Handicap.

In the Warwickshire League, the club team is second in Division 3.