BRIDGE: Rugby Bridge Club

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Sue and Wendy keep up the good work

Three of this week’s four sessions resulted in tight finishes. On Tuesday, Sue Osborne and Wendy Pattinson (61%), on a good run at the moment, held off Chris Rowles and Christine Cooper (59%).

Things were even closer on Thursday, when the unfamiliar pairing of Malcolm Taylor and Peter Augustus (57%) just prevailed over Patti Jarvis and Ann Burrage (56%). Ann was in the thick of it again on Friday, winning narrowly with Ken Miles (61%) from John Drake and Val Wormleighton (59%), No fewer than 16 slams were made by the 14 pairs in this session.

Only on Wednesday was there a more comfortable win: Chris Malthouse and Clive Toll holding off Trevor Banyard-Smith and Ian Hitchcock.

One of the many interesting Friday hands was the following:

North: S – Q T 9 8 5; H – A T; D – 3; C – A Q J 7 4

South: S – A K 6 4 3; H – 8 7 5; D – A K Q 7; C – 5

With 29 points, north – south should bid the spade slam, but it can be played in a variety of ways. In every case, north was declarer and east found the best lead of the K of hearts (from K Q). If declarer meekly takes the club finesse, it loses, giving the defence two tricks. A more promising line is to ruff out the K of clubs. In practice it falls on the second round of the suit, leaving declarer with no remaining worries.

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