BRIDGE: Rugby Bridge Club

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Marion and Chris in charge

Marion Dixon and Chris Malthouse retained very comfortable first and second places in the monthly competition after securing third place on Tuesday, but lower down Phil Shorey, Ken Miles and Clare Dixon have soared to third, fourth and fifth places respectively after good weeks.

Phil and Clare held off strong competition from Ken Miles and Ann Burrage to win on Tuesday evening, their second success of the month. Petr Malis and Cassie Malisova also did well, winning on Thursday and scoring useful points on Tuesday. Roger Ward was top with Chris Wormleighton (a rare visitor) on Friday, and second with Freddie Foster on Thursday. The other double scorer of the week was David Hicks, second on Friday and third on Thursday.

55 players, over a third of the club’s members, have now scored points this month. Tuesday was a qualifying heat for the Warwickshire Pairs and no fewer than 15 pairs achieved the 50% needed to qualify.

Having recently reaffiliated to the English Bridge Union, the national parent body for bridge, the Club enjoyed a visit from the EBU’s Andrew Urbanski (pictured left with Wendy Pattinson and Phil Shorey). Andrew’s visit will help the Club to take full advantage of the competitions and support the EBU offers.

The following Tuesday hand was an oddity. East – west have 23 points and a 9 card fit, but can make no more than 9 tricks in spades. North – south on the other hand, with their lowly 17 points, have 12 potential heart tricks. No east – west pairs were far sighted enough to bid the slam, but four were in game. Distribution is a wonderful thing.

North – S – J 8 4 2; H – A J 6 3; D – A 8 4 2; C – K

South – S - --; H – T 9 8 7 4 2; D – 9; C – A T 9 8 7 3

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