BRIDGE: Rugby Bridge Club


Festive fun for Sue

With the festive season fast approaching, Tuesday’s session took the form of ‘fun bridge’ in which players coped with unfamiliar partners with the aid of wine and eats. Sue Osborne emerged triumphant, thanks in no small part to a highly impressive grand slam in no trumps. Sue agonised for a long time before going up with the ace on the very first trick in a suit in which she was missing the king, rather than risking a finesse which would have failed. She was later able to execute a fine squeeze to bring home all the tricks.

With the year virtually complete, Marion Dixon looks unassailable at the top of the Master Point Competition. This is particularly impressive as she has missed a number of sessions as a result of lengthy holidays. She is also well ahead in the December competition. Val Wormleighton and John Drake deserve great credit for pushing Marion strongly all the way.

Marion and husband Peter won the Friday session impressively with over 66%, but Ken Miles and Ann Burrage and Judith Kleiner and Mary Kerridge also returned scores of over 60%. In contrast there was no-one in the ‘Over 60s Club’ on Thursday, but three unfamiliar partnerships – Phil Shorey and Stuart Warne; David Heron and Helen Foster; and Freddie Foster and Roger Ward – occupied the first three places.

The Club has had another good year, with membership climbing into the mid-160s and attendances holding up well. As usual, the ability of a wide range of members to earn master points and challenge for honours has been the most impressive feature.

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