BRIDGE: Rugby Bridge Club


Chris hits the front!

With Stuart Warne having a quiet week, first place in the very well attended Friday session was just enough for Chris Malthouse to jump into the lead in the Master Point competition. Val Wormleighton is third

Thanks to sound defence, Pam Southern and Ken Fernie had a splendid victory on Tuesday, over 4% ahead of their nearest rivals, the unusual partnership of Malcolm Taylor and Chris Rowles. Thursday saw Phil Shorey and Brian Fazackerley, another new pairing, score an emphatic victory over Wendy Crees and Graham Clarke, who were almost 10% behind. On Friday, Peter and Alison Crowhurst ran Chris Malthouse and David Owen close, but not close enough.

It is rare for there to be a 5 trick difference in the outcome of a 3 no trump contract, but that is what happened on Tuesday –

North - S – T 9 8, H – J 8 4, D – J, C – K J T 9 6 3

South - S - A K Q 5, H – A K 7, D – 9 7 2, C – A 8 5

With four Souths in 3 no trumps, West found the excellent diamond lead on only one occasion to take the first five tricks. If a heart or (still worse) a spade is led, South rattles off all thirteen tricks with the aid of squeezes against both defenders.

One South was in 4 spades, making, while two others were in clubs. Twelve tricks were made in 3 clubs, but only eleven in the club slam for a rather undeserved equal bottom.

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