BRIDGE: Rugby Bridge Club


Interesting hands from the week’s play

On Tuesday first place went to Marion Dixon & Chris Malthouse with a superb score of 67.95% over 6pts clear of the chasing group which comprised; Graham Clarke & Richard Holland; in joint third Graham Lightfoot & John Drake plus Wendy Crees & Sid Downton closely followed by Patti Jarvis & Anne Pettitt; Peter & Vera Iredale and Christine Cooper & Chris Rowles. On the hand below with 29HCP four less than normally required for a NT small slam with a balanced distribution only Wendy Crees & Sid Downton took a huge risk and bid 6NT which with a spade lead and favourable club distribution makes 3S, 1H, 3D and 5C. A heart opening lead defeats the contract but with K J 3 of hearts and five spades no North player does it.

East S – K 10 H – 7 2 D – J 10 6 3 C – A K Q 4 2

West S – A Q 6 H – A 10 9 4 D – K Q 9 2 C – J 9

On an interesting Thursday evening when sixteen pairs made small slams Graham Clarke & Wendy Crees were victorious. The following group comprised Pam Southern & Anne Pettitt; Craig Hutton & John Drake; Ann Burrage & Patti Jarvis; Ann Evans & Wilma Kiernan; Peter & Alison Crowhurst and Paul Dorrington & Chris Malthouse. The hand below saw 9 out of 10 E/W pairs bid/make either 6S or 6NT. The NT bid is fraught with danger with only 30HCP but after a heart lead three of the five pairs bidding NT used the spades to successfully discard two hearts, one diamond and three club losers resulting in them making all thirteen tricks.

East S – A K J 10 9 8 7 H – Void D – J 10 9 7 C – 3 2

West S – 6 H – A Q 10 3 D – A K 3 C – A K J 6 5

Friday’s session resulted in a win by a very slender margin for Val Wormleighton & John Drake from last week’s winners David Owen & Chris Malthouse followed by Marion Dixon & Smita Basu and Pam Southern & Anne Pettitt.

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