BRIDGE: Rugby Village Bridge Club

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Round-up of the week’s results

On Monday ten full tables played eight rounds of a Mitchell with an arrow switch. Top of the form were David Reed & Maxwell Kynoch with and outstanding 64.88%. The next five places were closely fought: 2nd Mary Kerridge & Jane Reed with 59.52%; 3rd Brian Richardson & Keith Lodge with 58.63%; 4th Jim & Nicky Bainbridge with 58.33%; 5th Graham Clarke & Smita Basu with 58.04% and Don Prowse & Roy Blackmore with 58.04%. Quite a crowd round the computer monitor as the last results came in!

On Tuesday of last week six and a half tables played a two winner movement. North / South was led by Caelia Pinkney & Carole Broadhurst with 62.00% followed by Graham Clarke & Keith Montford with 59.33%. Don Prowse & David Sanderson led East / West with 64.44% followed by Pat & Brian Jacks with 61.67%.

The Pairs Ladder completed Week 4 of the current round. Two pairs jointly lead Division 1: Richard & Rhona Holland and Janet O’Connor & Sue Robards. However, Don Prowse and Roy Blackmore have established a clear lead in Division 2.

Our new ‘Next Step’ pairs session kicked off on Thursday morning. This two hour, friendly, pairs competition is designed for players graduating from lessons and coaching to competitive pairs looking for a chance to get used to ‘real’ playing in a comfortable, friendly, environment with a qualified TD to see fair play. Visitors and single players welcome.

The second January round of the Champagne Handicap competition was played on Thursday Evening. For four sessions the top three have been: Cecilia Walker; Janet O’Connor and David Reed but David Reed has improved his average in each of the last four sessions. However, Jane Reed and Chris Greenaway had a super session in Round 10. Chris Greenaway has moved up from 10th to 7th place, and Jane Reed has moved up from 8th to 4th, challenging husband Dave! There are plenty more rounds to come. Next ones are February 13 and 20.

See for full details of results, events, coaching and teaching.