BRIDGE: See how bridge is played with demonstration in Clock Towers Shopping Centre

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The week’s round-up from Rugby Bridge Club and Rugby Village Bridge Club

Rugby Bridge Club

Six of the 55 pairs who played in the three main sessions topped 60% this week, the best of them being John Drake and Lo Tolbutt’s splendid 67% on Thursday.

They were followed by Val Wormleighton and Judith Kleiner and Mick Carr and Terry Bradbury. It’s good to see Terry back at the bridge table after a recent illness.

On Tuesday, Graham Clarke and Richard Holland had a convincing victory to strengthen their position at the top of the Tuesday averages, with Val Wormleighton and Peter Langley second and Roy Deacon and Phil Shorey third.

On Friday, three pairs topped the magic 60%. In the end, Paul Plumptre and David Heron won comfortably from Marion Dixon and Peter Langley, with top Friday pair Ken Miles and Ann Burrage third.

Clare Dixon and Clive Toll had a runaway win in a well attended Wednesday session.

On this Tuesday hand, east – west can compete in spades all the way to and beyond game, despite having only a miserable 8 points. Continuous disruption makes it difficult for north – south to find a slam in either hearts or diamonds. In fact 7 hearts would be the optimum contract, but no-one got there. Annie Ashurst and Eve Norton sacrificed in 5 spades doubled for a 4 down -800, but this was much better than opponents making a slam. Mick Carr and Terry Bradbury did even better, going just two down in 3 spades doubled for an outright top!

North - S - K 4; H - J T 7 2;

D - K Q 8 3; C - A K 9

South - S - --; H – A K Q 8 3;

D - A J 9 7 5 2; C - Q 2

The club will be playing its annual demonstration match in the Clock Towers Shopping Centre on Saturday, August 5. Come along and support them.

Rugby Village Club

On Monday Afternoon seven full tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. North / South was led by Margaret Thiel & Angela Locke scoring 66.67. Second place was shared by Bill & Lyn Stubbins and John Jarvis & Theresa Hillier both pairs scoring 52.38.

Jim & Nicky Bainbridge led East / West with 74.40, 20; Cynthia Martin & Avis Raynor took second with 57.74 and Pat Stubbings & Helen Appleby were third with 51.19.

On Monday Evening eight and a half tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. A Closely fought North / South was led by Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison with 57.48; in second were Daphne Rourke & Helen Foster with 54.42; Mary Kerridge & Jane Reed took third with 54.17. Janet O’Connor & Michael Ward topped the East / West side with 63.39;

Brian Mawby & David Reed were second with 60.12 and Mike Eastell & Simon Burgess were third with 52.98.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week eleven and a half tables played our trusty two-winner Mitchell movement. Jim Bainbridge & Lo Tolbutt led the North / South side with 62.95; second were Terry Leary & Helen Foster with 61.36; in third were Frank Grace & Val Richards with 58.18.

The East / West pairs were led by Marilyn & David North with 66.50; Nicky Bainbridge & John Cockburn with 57.50 and Cynthia Martin & Malcolm Fawcett with 53.25.

The handicapped summer pairs competition, based on Tuesday Afternoon Results is very close with the top three pairs as follows: 1 Daphne Rourke & Janet Stuchbury 52.79, 2 Diana Kinch & Judy Douglas 52.51, 3 Cynthia Martin & Malcolm Fawcett 52.18.

On Thursday Evening 13 pairs played a hesitation Mitchell producing a single winner list. Jim & Nicky Bainbridge were top with 65.24; second were Dennis Angove & Rosemary Jordan with 59.52; and in third were Chris Cooper & Margaret Aitchison with 57.50.

The individual handicap competition, based on Thursday Evening results is presently led by Peter Halliday and Zena Hutchinson who are opening up a bit of a gap from June Rudman.

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