BRIDGE: Triumph for new pair

News from Rugby and Village bridge clubs


It’s not often that a new, untried partnership storms to first place on the Tuesday club night, but that’s what happened this week with Rod Larter and Margaret Bias scoring nearly 64%. The more experienced pairings of Christine Cooper and Chris Rowles and Val Wormleighton and Peter Langley were second and third respectively.

The highest score of the week belonged to Liz Edwards and Stuart Warne on Wednesday (nearly 69%) while Peter and Vera Iredale took the honours on Thursday with just over 60%. Felicity White and Theresa Hillier also had a good week, coming second on both evenings, while Kath Lightfoot and Robert Spencer and Sue Osborne and Wendy Pattinson were the respective third placed pairs.

The following misfit hand posed some challenges on Tuesday:

East – spades A J 9 8 2, hearts -, diamonds J 8, clubs A J 9 7 5 2

West – spades 6 5 4, hearts K 9 7 6 4, diamonds K T 9 6 5, clubs -

While north – south had more points, east secured the contract on 8 of the 9 occasions the hand was played. Those who bid 3 clubs went 2 or 3 down thanks to partner’s void. Spades was a better bet, making anything from 6 to 9 tricks depending on how it was played: cross-ruffing hearts and clubs looks best. The sole north – south contract was in 3 hearts doubled, going 1 down thanks to the 5 – 0 trump split.

Full results are available at where you can also find out how to join this flourishing club.

Rugby Village Bridge Club

In Division 3 of the Warwickshire County League, Rugby Village’s final match is on May 16 when they travel to West Midlands (Sherlock-Brown). They could be promoted to Division 2 on the result of this game. That would be a great result for the club’s first season in this league.

Nicky Cook and Richard Smith hung on to their second place in the Warwickshire Pairs League Division 5. Holding this form over the next two months would see them promoted to Division 4.

April saw the Bridge Great Britain Simultaneous pairs take place on 3 nights of the week all over the UK. The Tuesday night heat at Towcester was won by Graham and Kath Lightfoot with 61.5%.

Following the Easter/Royal Wedding Bank Holidays, duplicate pairs resumes at the Dunchurch Village Hall on May 9.