Copson star in vets’ win

Angela Copson
Angela Copson


Masters League

The trip to Tamworth for the second round of the Veterans Athletic’s league was undertaken in stormy conditions and delays on both A5 and the motorway contrived the late arrival of several of the Rugby and Northampton contingent.

Despite this the Lions men and women repeated their wins of the first match.

The first event, the 200m saw an excellent running by the R&N Lions, men’s A team all claiming seasons best performances. M60 Gordon Houghton set a new club M65 record, 29.2s, Dave Care a PB at M50, 28s, M40 Ian Gidley 26.8 and in the M35 race a PB and win for Richard Bowers in 25.5s.

More wins came via Keith Richards in the M50 walk and Mike Aldridge in the M35 3000m.

In the field more firsts; Ian Gidley M40 High jump, Kevin Murch nailed the M40 javelin and M35 Shot, plus second in the M50 Discus while Dave Cowley’s recovery from a broken leg continued winning the M60 Triple jump, second in the M50 HJ and third in the M60 Javelin. The field team only dropped 4pts out of a possible 56 maximum.

The track runners only dropped 8pts but had two unfilled events. Second was the mode for Paul Birch in the M40 3000m and M35 800m; also for Gary Wallace despite a PB in the 800m M40 and the 4x400m relay.Terry Egan collected the final points with 3rd in the M50 800m, securing a 26pt win for the Lions.

n The Saints, B Team, struggled with injuries and other commitments ruling out 4 of the normal team so they were unable to fill 5 events. Highest placed was Mark Barrowclough second in the M35 walk, 4th in the M50 800m and running in the relay. Dave Ronchetti was equally busy, 5th in the M40 200m 5th in HJ and a relay leg. M40 Brendon Moen had a 4th in the 3000m and 7th in the 800m plus the relay. Elderly statesman John Love popped up in the M60 Javelin 6th, M50 discus 6th and M50 walk 7th.

Former track specialist John Gercs was 4th in the M40 javelin and 6th in the shot between bouts of officiating. Masters newcomer, Colin Durrant, posted 6th in the M35 3000m for a PB and ran his first relay leg. Rescuing the final team points Dave Bunker in The M50 200m and Long Jump. Although the team finished 8th only a few points separated them from a higher position.

n Star for the ladies’ Lions team was 65-year-old Angela Copson who broke the club, and league in the W60 3000m; The time of 12:09.0s was a W65 and British best performance; she then went on to run a 400m relay leg; another win!

Missing several younger members, the older brigade still covered all but one event. First off for the W60s; Sally Hine, winning the 200m, 3rd in the W40 HJ and a 400m relay leg, Jean Fail won the W60 Javelin and was 4th in the W35 Triple jump while Carol Birch lead home the W60 Walk.

For the W50s; LeslieWillis won the 200m and 3rd in the 800m, Tricia Garner won the W35 walk and was second in the W40 800m, Debbie Murch captured second in the W50 long J. and W40 Discus, Kate Williams gained another second place in the W35 3K and 3rd in the 800m.

Tracy Webb ran her best 200m of the year for second in the W35 and anchored the relay. Returning to fitness Bev Simms collected the final points in the W40 200m finishing 4th.

The Lions outscored the other teams both on the track and the field ensuring the second win of the season.

n With only five athletes, the ladies’ Saints team performed miracles, only failing to cover two of the 18 events.

Again an outstanding contribution from the W60s. Barbara Parkinson contesting four track events; Third W50 walk, 4th W50 200m and 800m and a 400m relay leg! also Val Cross 2nd in the W60 200m, 3rd W60 javelin, 2nd W50 2k walk and 3rd W60 3K.

W35 Rachel Shaw enjoyed winning the 3K for the youngsters and finished 4th in the 800m plus a relay leg.

The W40 ladies were represented by the two most recent recruits to the team. Initially joining as sprinters they have surprised themselves with their newly learned field event performances.

Jordane Hudson had Personal Bests in the High Jump 1.28m 2nd, 200m 30.2 - 3rd and ran her first 400m in the relay. Samantha Berry had four PBs, W35 TJ 3rd -7.81m, W40 800m 3rd , W35 200m 4th, W35 Discus 4th and a 400m relay leg. Neither could manage the W50 long jump as they were too young. Another League record was broken in the W40 HJ by Louise Oliver of Charnwood with 1.37m

Scoring 17 points more than in the last match the Saints finished 3rd by only 4points.


Men: (Lions , Saints)

200m M60; Houghton 29.2s SB, M50; Care 28.0s PB, Bunker 33.8s, M40: Gidley 26.8s, Ronchetti 28.5s PB, M35; Bowers 25.5s PB.

800m M50; Egan 2:31.2s, Barrowclough 11:47.7s, M40; Wallace 2:09.3s PB, Moen 2:35.4s, M35: Birch 2:18.3s.

3K M60; --, M40: Birch 10:07.2s, Moen 10:39.3s, M35: Aldridge 9:15.1s, Durrant11:50.5s PB

2K walk M50; Richards 11:49.8sSB, Love 15:34.2s, M35; ----, Barrowclough 11:47.7s

Relay 4x400m (Care, Wallace, Bowers, Gidley) 4:03.6s – 2nd , (Ronchetti, Barrowclough, Durrant, Moen) 4:52.3s 7th.

Javelin M60; Cowley 23.36m, Love 17.48m, M40; Murch48.23m, Gercs 28.30m.

Men’s Team scores: Match 2

Lions 130pts 1st, Charnwood 104, Leamington 96, Tamworth 76, Nuneaton 71, Harborough 68, Leicester 53, Saints 51.

After two matches: Lions 16(league points) Leamington 13, Charnwood 12, Saints, Harborough and Nuneaton 7, Tamworth 6, Leicester 4.

Results women:

200m W60; Hine 33.7s SB, Cross 45.9s, W50; Willis 31.5s, Parkinson 39.7s, W40; Simms 33.4s SB, Hudson 30.2sPB, W35; Webb 30.7s SB, Berry 32.8s PB.

800m W50; Willis 3:00.1s, Parkinson 13:31.0s, W40; Garner 3:05.1s, Berry 3:14.9s PB, W35: Williams 2:54.7s SB, Shaw 2:55.1s SB.

3K W60; Copson 12:09.0 (British W65 Record), Cross 18:14.9s, W40; ----, ---, W35;Williams 12:39.2s, Shaw 12:29.1s SB.

Relay (Willis ,Webb, Copson, Hine) 5:05.7s 1st, (Berry, Hudson, Shaw, Parkinson) 5:26.4s 3rd.

Triple J W35; Fail 7.55m, Berry 7.81m PB. High J W40; Hine 1.10m, Hudson 1.28m PB.

Javelin W60; Fail 19.47m, Cross 9.61m. Long J W50; Murch 3.36m, --,

Discus W40; Murch 21.48m, Berry 12.91m PB.

Women’s Team scores: Match 2: Lions 119, Leamington 101, Saints 97, Charnwood 45, Harborough 41, Nuneaton 37, Tamworth 29, Leicester 0.

After 2 matches: Lions 16 (LPts), Saints 13, Leamington 12, Charnwood 11, Harborough 8, Nuneaton 6, Tamworth 4, Leicester 1.