CROSSBOW: Gold for Iris Bingham

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RSDA member Iris Bingham won Gold and the National Assisted title at the National Crossbow Federation’s 10m National shoot held at Streetly at the weekend.

To score a ten at this shoot, the bolt must be completely inside, and not touching the two and a half centimetre ten circle. Competitors must shoot one bolt in each of the four 25cm target faces.

Iris said: “It is quite strange to shoot four bolts each end and not the usual three. Sixty one of my eighty shots were tens and many of the other shots needed the judge to use a magnifying glass to see if the bolt was touching the line. I enjoyed the shoot and was pleased with the result especially as the light was very poor.”

During the 1st session Iris only dropped 8 points. The shoot stopped for lunch and the AGM when Iris gave her Treasurer’s report. In the 2nd session Iris dropped 12 points.

The gold medallists and NCF National Champions, with results out of 800, were:

Assisted Lady Iris Bingham 392+388=780

Gentlemen G Course 754

Senior T Haywood 662

Sporting G. Watkins 748