CROSSBOW: Gold for Rugby Sport for the Disabled member

Iris Bingham
Iris Bingham

European championships in Germany

Rugby Sport for the Disabled (RSDA) member Iris Bingham has shot her way to retain her World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA) European Championship title and took the Gold medal. Iris believes she has broken her European 45m record by one point and equalled her 55m record.

Iris represented the National Crossbow Federation of GB at the event which was held in Ennigerloh in Germany. Competitors came from Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Ireland and India (Guests) and the event was very enjoyable.

A practice was held on the Friday evening when the temperature dropped to 30C. During the 2 Championship days it was 33C and extremely humid. Iris said, “The heat was very uncomfortable and there was no breeze. During the first distance my prod broke, shortly after something went into my rear sight and then my string jammed behind the trigger. I was given time to correct the faults. The rest went smoothly. I was delighted with my performance and believe my Ranking of No.4 in the World will go up”.

Iris had the highest score on Day 1 so shot in No. 1 position on Day 2. Iris was pleased to score 85 points more than any other shooter over the 2 long days, including the able-bodied competitors. Each day shooting started at 9am and finished around 3.15pm.

Iris witnessed the terrible evening storm on 9th June when there were over 1000 lightening strikes in an hour. Iris said, “There was continual lightning and thunder without any breaks for well over an hour and in places the hail stones were the size of tennis balls. Sadly 6 people were killed. The following morning as we travelled to Muenster airport roads were covered in debris and many closed, as were railways and some airports”.

Iris’s distance results, out of 300, were:


65m 55m 45m 45m 55m 65m out of 1800

256 276 289 284 282 262 1649

Iris wishes to thank RSDA, Rugby Bowmen and the Harris Sports Centre for their assistance.