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Iris Bingham
Iris Bingham

Gold for Iris Bingham in memorial shoot

At the 5th Tony Bradbury Memorial Shoot Iris came away with a gold medal. The event, which was held near Gloucester, was organised by the National Crossbow Federation of GB.

The weather was cold and extremely windy even though the shooting line was under cover. The ground is high up in the Gloucestershire countryside. Iris said, “I enjoyed the shoot, and pleased that over half of my 90 scoring shots were in the ten. The constant wind was a big problem and very challenging but at least it didn’t rain. We now change to indoor venues some, however, are colder than the outside temperature”.

This unique shoot is held in memory of the late Tony Bradbury. The distances were 50m and 40m (with a 60cm face) and 30m with a 40cm vegas target face. Sporting arbalists shot 40m, 30m and 20m.

RSDA result was:

1st Assisted Lady Iris Bingham

50m 285 40m 285 30m 286 TOTAL 856 /900

Other Gold medal winners were:

1st Gent Graham Course 797/900

1st Lady Laura Peatfield 684/900

1st Senior Graeme Peatfield 749/900 Memorial Trophy Winner

1st Sports x/b Keith Reynolds 464/600

1st Sports Guest Chris Bristow 505/600

Bent Bolt Winner was newcomer Austin O’Connor – for the worst scoring bolt during the last 3 shots of the tournament which was a line cutter 6.

RSDA are holding a General Knowledge Quiz on Saturday 6th October at Thornfield Bowling Club. Details from Maggie on 01788 814328