CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

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Still time to join the club’s quiz night too

Rugby crossbow shooters took part in another WCSA World Postal Championship on Saturday. Iris believes she may have broken her own World record for 18m with a 40cm target by one ring ten (completely inside and not touching the ten ring).

Scores, out of 600, were:

Tournament crossbow with a 40cm face

Iris Bingham 600 with 54 ring tens

Sporting crossbow with a 40cm face

Mick Sheasby 586 with 12 ring tens

Sporting crossbow with a 25cm face

Hazel Duckett 476 with 12 ring tens

Graeme Mooney 535 with 7 ring tens

Malcolm Scott 582 with 20 ring tens

Stewart Morris 138 with 1 ring ten


The following day at the National Crossbow Federation of GB’s National Indoor 18m Championships Iris and Malcolm came away with Golds.

The 18m Nationals was held at Streetly. The hall, at a camp site, had no heating and it was noticeably warmer outdoors! Iris opted to shoot the very challenging 25cm target (so the diameter of the ten ring was only 2.5cm but all the other competitors used the usual 40cm face.

RSDA medal winners with scores out of 600 were:

Assisted Gent - Sporting

Malcolm Scott 298 + 299 TOTAL 597

Graeme Mooney 267 + 280 TOTAL 547

Assisted Lady - Tournament

Iris Bingham 292 + 297 TOTAL 589 (with a 25cm face)

RSDA members are looking forward to their general knowledge quiz night on Saturday, April 14 at Thornfield Bowling Club. Teams of five people interested in taking part should contact Maggie on (01788) 814328.