CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

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Golds for RSDA members

At the National Crossbow Federation’s National Championships Iris Bingham took the National Assisted Championship title for the 18th consecutive year and Mick Sheasby won gold and the title in the Assisted Sporting round, by just one point.

Mick said: “It was a very good shoot and I was surprised, in fact shocked, to win. It was so close and I scored 1 point more than Malcolm and three more than Hazel.” Iris said: “Although I had big problems with triggers and prods in my 3 training sessions last week (all probably need replacing), I still managed to score well above the magical 800.” All Rugby Sport for the Disabled members shot as ‘assisted’ (disabled).

The event took place at Rugby Bowman’s ground in Dunchurch where Iris is a member. It was hot, sunny and cloudy with some rain and wind at times. Some competitors travelled from London, Derby, Notts, Gloucestershire and Cheshire.

The event involved 30 shots at each distance 65m, 55m and 45m. The target face was 60cm in diameter, so the ten-ring was only 6 cm. Sporting crossbow shooters had 20 shots at 55m, 45m and 35m. The novice round was 30 shots at 30m and 30 shots at 20m.

The results for RSDA members were:


Iris Bingham: Gold: 65m 259, 55m 277, 45m 287, Total 823/900


Mick Sheasby: Gold: 55m 152, 45m 165, 35m 178, Total 495/600.

Malcolm Scott: Silver: 55m 155, 45m 155, 35m 184, Total 494/600.

Hazel Duckett: Bronze: 55m 162, 45m 149, 35m 181, Total 492/600.

Other Gold Medal winners

Gents Tournament Champion: Graham Course 721/900

Ladies Tournament Champion: Laura Peatfield 494/900

Senior Tournament Champion: Graeme Peatfield 631/900

Gents Sporting Champion: Graeme Watkins 523/600

Guest Sporting Class: Austin O’Connor 403/600

Guest Novice Sporting Class: Steve Davis 499/600