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Malcolm Scott receives his certificate
Malcolm Scott receives his certificate

Medals from Derby

Four RSDA members came back with medals, three gold and one silver, in the assisted divisions at the National Crossbow Federation’s shoot last Sunday in Derby.

The weather was ideal for shooting. The tournament division in the WCSA 900 round had 30 shots each at 65m, 55m and 45m and the Sporting shooters in the WCSA 600 round had 20 shots at 55m, 45m and 35m. Everyone had a 60cm target, so the ten ring was only 6cm in diameter.

Hazel said: “It’s the first time I’ve shot these distances for a year and enjoyed the experience, but it was frustrating at times”. Iris said: “During the first distance there was a bang and my prod had broken; that’s £125 down the drain. My replacement prod had not been used for years and it took 4 or 5 ends of shooting to settle down with it losing about 20 points but I was more than happy with the final result.”

Iris believes that Malcolm has broken some National records.

The results out of 900 for Tournament and 600 for Sporting Bows are:


Sporting Crossbow

GOLD Malcolm Scott 55m 175, 45m 168, 35m 185, Total 528.

SILVER Graeme Mooney 55m 147, 45m 166, 35m 167, Total 480.

GOLD Hazel Duckett 55m 139, 45m 149, 35m 140, Total 428.


GOLD Iris Bingham 65m 251, 55m 279, 45m 288, Total 818.

Other golds:

Sporting Crossbow

Gent Chris Bristow 523


Gent Tony Reynolds 746

Senior Graeme Peatfield 653