CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Iris Bingham, Graeme Mooney and Malcolm Scott
Iris Bingham, Graeme Mooney and Malcolm Scott

Two RSDA members came away with gold from a shoot organised by the National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain at Glevum.

The weather was sunny and windy even though the shooting line was under cover as the ground is high up in the Gloucestershire countryside. Iris Bingham said: “The wind was a problem at times but I was delighted with my score.”

Malcolm Scott expressed his surprise when he missed the target and, after changing distances Graeme had two misses.

The distances were 50m and 40m (with a 60cm face) and 30m with a 40cm 3 spot face. Sporting arbalists shot 40m, 30m and 20m, with similar size faces.

RSDA results in the Assisted divisions were:

Tournament: Iris Bingham gold: 50m 283, 40m 293, 30m 290, total 866/900

Sporting: Malcolm Scott gold: 40m 191, 30m 184, 20m 198,total573/600

Graeme Mooney silver: 40m 177, 30m 186, 20m 173, total 536/600

Other gold medal winners were:

Gent: Tony Reynolds 743/900

Lady: Laura Peatfield 767/900

1st Senior: Ted Haywood 554/900

1st Sports x/b: Steve Davis 558/600