CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Iris Bingham
Iris Bingham

25m NCF Nationals

Two members of Rugby Sport for the Disabled (RSDA) returned from the 25m National Championships in Gloucester with gold medals and hopefully World Crossbow Shooting Association Assisted (Disabled) World and European records too.

The National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain (NCF) organises one 25m shoot each year. Iris said: “Last year we received World and European records shooting 25m with a 60cm target. The rules changed and we now hope some NCF members will receive records using a 40cm face.” Graeme added: “We can’t practice this distance and the three spot, smaller target was so difficult at this distance. The ten ring was only 4cm across. The temperature was about 12C as there was little heating in the rifle range but, for a change, the lighting was good. It was a great but challenging shoot.”

RSDA gold awards, with final totals out of 600, were won by:

Graeme Mooney: Sporting: 270+265=535 with 5 ring tens

Iris Bingham: Target:292+293=585 with 28 ring tens

Other golds: Gents: Graham Course 539.

Ladies: Laura Peatfield 569.

Seniors: Ted Haywood 374.

Sporting: Steve Davis 577.

Sporting senior: Alan Gregory 404.

RSDA and NCF archers and arbalists are training for the Pud shoot in Wolverhampton.