CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Graeme Mooney and Iris Bingham
Graeme Mooney and Iris Bingham

Shot at Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre

Rugby Sport for the Disabled

At the weekend the National Crossbow Federation held two 18m shoots, one at Rugby and the other at Glevum and RSDA members gained many medals.

The Saturday Rugby shoot was to allow Rugby Sport for the Disabled and NCF members to gain a score towards the World Crossbow Shooting Association’s bi-annual World Indoor Postal Championship. In September each competitor must enter two 18m scores, each with 60 shots, one with a 25cm face and the other with a 40cm face.

The Rugby shoot on Saturday was held at the fabulous new Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Centre. The lighting and temperature were ideal.

Kevin said: “I’m glad I’ve changed from archery to crossbow and now I have the opportunity of entering lots of competitions. It’s great fun”.

To gain a ring ten the bolt must be completely inside, and not touching, the ten ring.

Everyone shot at the very small 25cm Vegas target. The RSDA assisted results were:


Ladies: 1st Hazel Duckett 557 with 6 ring tens.

Gents: 1st Kevin Rumble 543 with 7 ring tens.

2nd Mick Watters 526 with 3 ring tens.

3rd Graeme Mooney 497 with 4 ring tens.


Ladies: 1st Iris Bingham 597 with 36 ring tens.

Other Sporting gold medals:

Gents 1st Chris Bristow 536 with 7 ring tens.

At the Sunday Glevum shoot the temperature in the rifle range, with heaters on, reached 3 degrees!

Everyone used a 40cm face. Graeme said: “I’m delighted with today’s score and I didn’t mind the cold”. Iris’s score was very impressive, despite being frozen.

RSDA gold medals in the Assisted divisions were won by:

Sporting: Graeme Mooney 577 with 20 ring tens.

Tournament: Iris Bingham 598 with 55 ring tens.

Other gold medals:


Gents: Graham Course 587


Gents: Adam Rapsey 481

Senior: Alan Gregory 534

Junior: Amy Lott 409

Several World records from the two shoots will be claimed.

RSDA are holding a general knowledge quiz on Saturday, April 26 at the Thornfield Bowling Club.

Further details from Maggie on (01788) 814328.