CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Graeme Mooney
Graeme Mooney

Awards from two shoots



RSDA members received well earned awards from two crossbow shoots.

The first was a National Crossbow Federation (NCF) 18m indoor competition with a 40cm 3 spot target. This was part of the World Crossbow Shooting Association’s World Postal Shoot. One bolt has to go into each of the 3 spots, otherwise a miss is scored. If two bolts are in one target, the lower score counts.

Hazel said, “That’s a great score. I only wish I could get a better score on a 25cm target.”

RSDA results, out of 600 were:


Assisted Men’s: Kevin Rumble Gold 576; Graeme Mooney Silver 569.

Assisted Lady: Hazel Duckett Gold 587.

Tournament: Assisted Lady Gold 599.

Other golds - Gents Sporting: Chris Bristow Gold 580.

The second NCF competition was held at Gloucester. This was the first outdoor shoot and the weather was unusually good. The distances shot for the Tournament class were 50m, 40m and 30m while the Sporting bows had 40m, 30m and 20m. The first 2 distances had a 60cm target and the 3rd distance a 40cm Vegas face.

The results for RSDA which were out of 900 were:

Sporting Assisted Men

Kevin Rumble Gold 846

Graeme Mooney Silver 838

Tournament Assisted Lady

Iris Bingham Gold 854

Other golds:

Tournament Men’s Tony Reynolds 754.

Senior Ted Hayward 504.

Ladies Laura Peatfield 815.

Sporting Men’s Steve Davis 858; Senior Alan Gregory 795.