CROSSBOW: Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Iris Bingham
Iris Bingham

Golds from Gloucester

Two RSDA members came away with a Gold medal from a National Crossbow Federation of GB shoot which was held at Gloucester.

The weather, which was sunny and very little wind, was ideal and everyone put in a good score. Kevin said: “I like to shoot outdoors especially when it’s not raining. I got a good score”.

The distances for Tournament were 50m and 40m (with a 60cm face) and 30m with a 40cm 3 spot face. Sporting arbalists shot 40m, 30m and 20m, with similar size faces.

RSDA results in the Assisted divisions were:

Tournament I

Iris Bingham GOLD 50m 293 40m 291 30m 291 TOTAL 875/900


Kevin Rumble GOLD 40m 264 30m 285 20m 287 TOTAL 836/900

Other Gold medal winners were:


Gent Graham Course 817/900


Senior Alan Gregory 784/900

RSDA members have also taken part in two NCF rounds to gain scores for the World Crossbow Shooting Association’s Postal Shoot. Iris borrowed a sport bow to put in a second score.

The Sport results out of 600 were:-

Graham Mooney 533 and 535

Iris Bingham 546 and 585

Kevin Rumble 564 and 576

Mick Watters 566 and 559

Stewart Morris 462

The scores this year have been sent in for Rankings and some for World Records. Watch out for the results!