CROSSBOW SHOOTING: Success for Iris Bingham

Iris Bingham, crossbow'June 16 2011
Iris Bingham, crossbow'June 16 2011

At the National Crossbow Federation’s shoot last weekend Iris Bingham won gold in the assisted tournament division.

The event took place in Derby and although sunny at times, the strong wind swirled constantly for the first 2 distances causing problems for all the arbalists and making shooting very difficult. For the 3rd distance the wind eased and at least the threatening rain kept off. Iris said: “I was pleased with the result especially as my score was higher than at the recentWorld Championships.”

The tournament division had 30 shots each at 65m, 55m and 45m and the Sporting shooters had 20 shots at 55m, 45m and 35m. Everyone had a 60cm target. This is the first competition that these distances have been shot in GB this year.

Tournament Crossbow – out of 900

Assisted: Iris Bingham 254 + 276 + 287, total 817

Gent: Graham Course 202 + 241 + 265, total 708

Sporting Crossbow – out of 600

Gent: Graeme Watkins 156 + 160 + 175, total 491

The next shoot will be in Rugby.