CROSSBOW: Three golds for Iris in Australia

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5th WCSA World Crossbow Championships

Iris Bingham has again shot her way to 3 World Crossbow Shooting Association World Championship titles and 3 Gold medals in Adelaide.

Competitors came from 6 Nations including Poland, Australia, Japan, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Great Britain. Despite their problems 4 of the 5 Japanese competitors competed.

On day 1 of the 2 day Target World Championships Iris shot on Target 1 as an existing World Champion. Iris had problems on the 65m and changed the string but then had to replace her trigger causing her to lose points before diagnosing the problem. On Day 2 Iris shot on number 1 target having obtained the highest score on Day1. Unfortunately Iris had problems with her 2nd trigger and had to use her 3rd.

After 2 long days of shooting, Iris took the Gold in the Assisted division winning by 100 points. Iris said, “I was delighted to win and to score nearly 68 point more than any other shooter over the 2 days, including the able-bodied competitors. Team mate Graeme Watkins won silver in the Men’s Sporting division.

The following day was the Matchplay Championships where Iris picked up her 2nd Gold. The competition consisted of 9 shots straight in at 55m. In the final in the Ladies (Ladies and Assisted shooters together), after 9 shots, Iris and Sharon Grimston from Oz had 78 points each. In a one shot play off Iris scored 10 putting pressure on Sharon who then returned a nine. Graeme Watkins also won Gold.

In a new fun team matchplay event Iris was drawn with John Turner and Terry Lancaster, both from Oz. The team took the Silver in the final, losing by 1 point.

Iris’s 3rd World Championship title and Gold medal came for the 2 day Forest round. The 48 shots each day were at animal pictures set out in the forest, often shooting between trees and undergrowth. Iris said, “The distances, between 8m and 45m, were unmarked and difficult to judge so I was pleased with a score of 1150 and the Gold medal”.

Before the competitions began Iris, who is also an International Crossbow Judge, helped with equipment inspection.

Iris shoots for the National Crossbow Federation of Great Britain and the Rugby Sport for the Disabled.

Iris added: “The championships were extremely well organised. It was great to meet up with so many friends again from all over the world and to make new ones too. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and I look forward to the next World Championships. The week finished with a banquet where Iris was presented with a certificate for a World Record, scoring 600/600 at 18m with a 25cm target, at a previous shoot in England.