CYCLING: Great ride by Markham in the Cotswolds

Luke Markham
Luke Markham

Hastie clocks his fastest 10-mile time trial

Rugby’s Luke Markham earned a brilliant second place at in the very hilly and very windy Wychwood 36 mile time trial, riding only his second event since joining MI Racing Team Jewson earlier this season.

Luke finished just 44 seconds behind top time trialist Steve Batson in the event between Chipping Norton, Burford and Chalbury, high up on the Cotswold Hills. It was the longest time trial he has ever ridden. Luke’s team boss, Mick Ives (Baginton) riding his first event of the road season, finished second best rider 60 years and over.

Rugby based team member Tim Hastie, the team’s time trial champion in 2013, recorded his fastest ever 10 mile time trial, in the Echelon event near Alcester. His time was 20 mins 38 secs for 5th place, just 15 seconds off third place.