CYCLING: New name in winners list for this season

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Rugby RCC and Leisure Lakes

Course: K10/10 Princethorpe

With an entry of 40 riders and with Rugby RCC’s three most recent winners on holiday it was David Lane riding only his second event of the season who was the winner with a time of 22mins 25secs.The conditions were reasonably good after the forcast for rain did not happen.The fastest

time was set by Matt Clinton of Mike Vaughan Cycles with 20 mins 58secs. Colette Marshall won the handicap as her times continue to improve...

Full results:

David Lane 22-25, Matt Jones 22-38, Matthew Plant 23-01, Peter Wright 23-12, Phil Scott 23-30, Greg Ashley 23-33, Russell Green 23-53, David Baxter 23-57, David Kimberley 23-57, Peter Belfield 24-00, Jonathan Jordan 24-33, Gary Howes 24-35, Mike Smallwood 24-48, David Gillett 24-52, Lewis Jones 25-12, Ray Dyke 25-13, Peter Timmins 25-14, Simon Brand 25-28, Chris Parsons 25-30, Andrew Childs 25-36, Mark Harris 25-44, Simon Bayliss 26-04, David Maillard 26-16, Patrick Weir 26-21, Keith Hirons 26-34, Craig Middleton 26-47, Dave Gunby 26-52, Dave Pettifor 27-08, Mark Simpson 27-52, John Moseley 27-53, Rob Robson 28-01, Mike Macleod 28-08, Richard Boyd 28-15, Stuart Sykes 28-47, Beverley Masterman 30-05, Kirstie Nichols 30-18, Jane Needham 31-03, Colette Marshall 31-56, Kate Vanloo 32-46, Amy Sinclair 35-12.

Club Handicap: Colette Marshall 18-06, Patrick Weir 19-21, Lewis Jones 19-22.

Private Entries: Matt Clinton (Mike Vaughan Cycles) 20-58, Simon Bull 31-51.

On Sunday Marina Bloom rode the Finsbury Park 25 mile time trial the conditions were calm and she did a time of 1hr 2mins 4secs and was 2nd lady she also improved her Nat BBAR time for 2012 by three minutes.

Leisure Lakes cyclist Vince Jenkins was lucky with the weather on Saturday when he drove through thunder and heavy down pours on the way to and back from the Leighton Buzzard RCC Open 10 Miles Time Trial where it remained dry for the whole of the race.

Clocking 24.12 the Rugby rider just squeezed into the prize list getting second place on standard in a field of over eighty riders.

“With the reduced time allowances for the older riders, that was a nice surprise,” said Vince, who will be competing in Wales next week.