CYCLING: Results from Rugby RCC

Another win for Hywel Davies

Results for 18th May 2011 - Course: K10/25A - Frankton.

Rugby RCC held thier first 25 mile time trial and it was another win for Hywel Davies putting Craig McKee into 2nd place A strong westerly wind affected the early numbers as it decreased to a light breeze towards the end of the event. With the first 7 riders inside the hour despite the strong westerly wind.A total of 28 riders recorded average speeds in excess of 20 mph. Peter Wright, one of the sub-one hour competitors, had to stop on lap 1 to tighten a wheel and never recovered the lost minute as a result. Alan James punctured on lap 1, Two riders only rode one lap which they intended to do.. The handicap was won by Adrian Wyatt, his improved form again beating the handicap system.

Here is the full results.

Hywel Davies 54-42, Craig McKee 57-56, Adrian Tayles 58-01, Russell Morris 59-07, Peter Wright 59-08, David Newton 59-25, Mike McCann 59-39, Adrian Wyatt 1-00-14, Phil Scott 1-00-42, Matthew Plant 1-02-02, Mike Smallwood 1-03-32, David Kimberley 1-03-57, Phil Byrne 1-04-25, Ray Dyke 1-04-56, Mark Carver 1-05-03, Phil Gatley 1-05-07, Martin Orrill 1-05-46, Patrick Weir 1-06-00, Craig Middleton 1-06-31, David Gillett 1-06-31, Andrew Childs 1-07-13, Peter Timmins 1-07-18, Mike Wheeler 1-07-25, Andrew Siggers 1-07-50, Rob Robson 1-07-52, David Tyler 1-07-59, Chris Parsons 1-08-11, Dave Pettifor 1-09-42, Mike Macleod 1-15-22, Julie Andrews 1-16-43, Chris Lodge 1-17-18, Stuart Sykes 1-17-52, Beverley Masterman 1-28-34, Ken Rushall 1 Lap in 40-11, Alan James D N F.

Tandem: Mike Bloom & Suzy O’Shea 1-1-32.

Club Handicap: Adrian Wyatt 48-29, Mark Carver 50-33, Craig McKee 51-11.

Private Entries: Naimi Leugs 1 Lap in 43-34.