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Results from Frankton Lane time trial

Course: K10/10F Frankton Lane : May 22

With a strong north-westerly wind meetig a field of 54 riders of Rugby RCC’s first visit of the season to the normally fast K10/10F course, with it’s finish half way down the Straight Mile, the condiyions affected everyone’s times, particularly the later starters. Dave Kiernan was last man off and considering he was suffering a cracked rib, incurred a week earlier, his winning time of 21mins 54secs was most most impressive. The fastest time of the evening was set by private entry Grigor Wallace (Team Midland) who was 41 secs quicker with 21-13. The handicap was won by J Matthew Jones, one of 25 new members this season, riding in only his third event.

Full results:

David Kiernan 21-54, David Newton 22-25, Neill Coventry 22-33, Matt Jones 22-35, Tim Hastie 22-55, Simon Mitchell 23-02, Jason Haynes 23-07, Phil Scott 23-36, Jonathan Cottingham 23-44, Matthew Plant 23-48, Adrian Tayles 23-50, David Baxter 23-51, John Beckett 24-07, Jonathan Jordan 24-10, Greg Ashley 24-15, Chris Parsons 24-15, Peter Wright 24-18, David Kimberley 24-28, Russell Green 24-29, Mike McCann 24-43, Phil Byrne 24-56, Gary Howes 25-13, Simon Brand 25-23, Simon Bayliss 25-24, Marina Bloom 25-39, Tori Plant 25-39, Chris Wood 25-49, Andy Craig 25-50, Peter Belfield 26-05, James Haynes 26-15, Keith Hirons 26-16, Simon Hall 26-26, Mark Harris 26-35, Andrew Childs 26-36, Rob Stilgoe 26-40, David Tyler 26-43, Mike Smallwood 26-46, Patrick Weir 26-56, Roman Matusiak 27-05, Jamie McKenzie 27-12, Anne Portsmouth 27-17, Darren Grieves 27-48, Kevin Loydall 28-41, Rob Tyler 28-48, Russell Cager 28-56, Alan James 29-07, Dave Pettifor 29-18, Richard Boyd 29-46, Mike Bloom 29-51, Kirstie Nichols 31-40, Stuart Sykes 31-43, Kate Vanloo 31-47, J Matthew Jones 32-14.

Club Handicap: J Matthew Jones 17-24, Jonathan Cottingham 18-34, Kate Vanloo 18-37.

Private Entry: Grigor Wallace (Team Midland) 21-13

On Sunday Marina and Mike Bloom rode the Hertford Wheelers 30ml time trial on the F1/30 course. The conditions were cold at first but good later on.

Marina did 1hr 14mins 29seca and was first Lady Mike did 1hr 25mins 39secs.

The winner was Anthony Stapelton with 1hr 3mis 16secs of the Chelmer CC.