CYCLING: Rugby RCC and Rugby Velo

Time trial and inter-club event

Rugby RCC

Course: K11/10B - Braunston

Rugby RCC had six riders from a field of 46 recording times of less than 23 minutes in their 10 mile time trial held on the out-and-back A45 course, based at Braunston on Wednesday. It proved to be a convincing win for Craig McKee, his second of the season, elevating him to first place in the season long club points competition.

Second placed Peter Wright thought of retiring when his derailleur mechanism stuck in top gear, but he kept going and surprised himself when his persistence paid off with a season’s best time. For once the weather was kind as the course stayed dry while there were heavy showers all around, but a strong crosswind affected times, particularly the early numbers.

Full results:

Craig McKee 22-08, Peter Wright 22-20, David Newton 22-31, Adrian Tayles 22-34, Phil Scott 22-36, Mike McCann 22-48, John Gabriel 23-14, Russell Green 23-28, Colin Stiles 23-34, Richard Bray 23-38, Eliot Blundell 23-42, David Kimberley 23-48, Phil Byrne 24-00, Craig Middleton 24-09, Martin Orrill 24-24, David Gillett 24-24, Simon Mitchell 24-27, Andrew Siggers 24-28, David Baxter 24-38, Chris Parsons 24-45, Andrew Childs 24-49, Mark Carver 24-57, Ray Dyke 24-59, Peter Belfield 25-00, Patrick Weir 25-35, Ryan Kenworthy 25-40, Keith Hirons 25-42, Mike Wheeler 25-42, Mike Macleod 25-52, Dave Pettifor 25-58, Dave Gunby 26-01, Simon Hall 26-05, Ian Usher 26-49, Richard Kenworthy 26-54, Jamie Roberts 27-23, Angus Gordon 27-29, Paul Peasegood 28-01, Alan James 28-21, Steve Bond 29-37, Sian Rainsley 29-46, Beverley Masterman 31-54

Club Handicap: Angus Gordon 17-19, Paul Peasegood 17-21, Ian Usher 17-49.

Private Entries: Greg Ashley(Team Jewson) 23-18, L Markham (Rugby Velo) 24-16, C Huxley 25-03, Stuart Hopkins 25-08, Simon Storey 28-53.

Interclub event - Rugby RCC v Rugby Velo, held Friday, June 24

On Friday evening the annual interclub event between Rugby RCC and Rugby Velo was held on the 10-mile course based near Frankton, competing for the Eddie Brodest memorial shield.

Despite rain falling throughout, 30 riders took part and times were well up to standard. It proved to be a win for Rugby RCC with an aggregate of 136 minutes 47 seconds for the first six riders, against Rugby Velo’s 143-01, making it 6-4 in this contest.

The result, however, was not so important as this was the first event Rugby Velo have ridden as a club since the tragic accident involving Ken Rushall. A collection on the night raised £106.50 from individual members of both clubs to support Ken’s nominated charity, the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.

In addition, both Rugby Velo and Rugby RCC are each making a donation of £50 to the fund. Once again prizes for the event were provided by theBikeYard Leamington, for the fastest five riders. The individual results were as follows: (club initial in brackets)

1 Craig McKee (R) 22-15, 2 Phil Clark (V) 22-21, 3 Russell Morris (R) 22-34, 4 Richard Bray (V) 22-43, 5 Peter Wright (R) 22-49, 6 Matt Plant (R) 22-58, 7 Colin Stiles (V) 23-01, 8 Tim Hastie (V) 23-04, 9 Mike McCann (R) 23-07, 10 Adrian Tayles (R) 23-09, 11 Russell Green (R) 23-26, 12 Eliot Blundell (R) 23-36, 13 Gary Hipwell (V) 23-48, 14 Martin Orrill (R) 24-08, 15 Craig Middleton (R) 24-40, 16 Victoria Plant (R) 24-57, 17 Ray Dyke (R) 25-13, 18 Dave Kimberley (R) 25-21, 19 Dave Garrett (V) 25-27, 20 Will Fitzgerald (V) 25-41, 21 Patrick Weir (R) 25-42, 22 M Woodland (V) 25-50, 23 Michelle Paget (V) 25-52, 24 Steve Franklin (V) 26-02, 25 Ian Usher (R) 26-19, 26 Rob Robson (R) 26-26, 27 John Deal (V) 26-32, 28 Dave Pettifor (R) 26-51, 29 Alan James (R) 27-45, 30 Mike MacLeod (R) DNF.

Team Echelon Rotor rider John Dixson finished second in the C category at Hinckley CRC 10-mile time trial, held at Wolvey with 25-46.