CYCLING: Rugby Velo riders at Mallory Park

James Garrett in the yellow, red and black Rugby Velo colours
James Garrett in the yellow, red and black Rugby Velo colours

Team effort earns podium finish for Garrett

For much of 2014 only cycle racing will take place on the tarmac of Mallory Park during the track’s recovery year. And it is here

that Rugby Velo’s James Garrett has forged many a result in his road racing career and was leading the 3/4 category league going into Thursday’s race.

Held over 28 laps of the full circuit Garrett was keen on further success, to his benefit he had teammates in father David Garrett and club rider Jeremy Hicks riding the event in preparation for the oncoming cyclocross season, meaning the young sprinter could remain ensconced in the main bunch.

After Hicks’ own break away attempt had failed mid-race he focussed his attention to assisting Garrett who would focus purely on the sprint finish. After weathering the storm of many attacks the business end of the race was soon upon the Velo team and a group of three had broken clear to a thirty second gap on the main field of riders. With the laps ticking away D.Garrett took to the front and began to chase down the leaders, Hicks took the reins and buried himself to bridge the gap that remained with only two laps of racing left. As the field approached the final climb Hicks peeled off and allowed the raging pack of sprinters to fly by and it was left to Garrett to finish the job. He caught two of the remaining escapees, as James Moore (Welland Valley) took the lone victory. Garrett was left with a race for second and was edged into third place by Kyle Abrahams (ASFRA)

with whom he now ties in the leadership of the league.

Photo of James Garrett in the red, yellow and black of Rugby Velo. Photo taken by Mark Worley.