DARTS: Review of season’s successes

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Rugby Friday Night Charity Darts League

The league presented £800 to three charities: Zoe’s Place, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Warwickshire Animals SOS.

A big thank you to all teams and competitors for your contributions throughout the season.

The season’s winners and runners-up:

A League Winners: Crow Pie; Runners-up: Prince Of Wales B.

B League Winners: Newbold Rugby Club; Runners-up: LMRCA.

Men’s Singles Winner: P Parsons (Barley Mow); Runner-up: R Reed Newbold Rugby Club.

Ladies Singles Winner: S Henson (Newbold Rugby Club); Runner-up: N Simpson (RADEA).

Men’s Pairs Winners: M Bowley & S Pugh (Prince Of Wales B); Runners-up: D & P Wills (Missfits).

Ladies Pairs Winners: S Henson & F Ashby (Newbold Rugby Club); Runners-up: D Wills & D Cleverly (Missfits).

Mixed Pairs Winners: S Abbott & W Adams (Crow Pie); Runners-up: L Kennedy & S Noakes (Avon Mill).

Men’s Triples Winners: D Wills, P Wills, D Green (Missfits); Runners-up: J Carlo, T Jones, D Chambers (Prince Of Wales A).

Ladies Triples Winners: M Bowley, L Damerun, K Macdonald; Runners-up: S Griffiths, M Griffiths, J Thompson.

KO Cup: Winners: Prince Of Wales B; Runners-up: Missfits.

Terry Morgan Cup: Winners: Avon Mill; Runners-up: Crow Pie.

Mixed Fours winners: M Baker, J Chalmers, B Laverick, P Lane (Workers A), runners-up: N Simpson, A Hawes, C Maspers, B Pelling (Radea).